Learn Spanish for FREE With these 5 Free Online Resources!

Learn Spanish for FREE With these 5 Free Online Resources!

Si estás aprendiendo español con un presupuesto limitado… ¡buenas noticias! (If you’re learning Spanish with a tight budget… good news!)The magic of the internet gives you tons of free resources to improve your Spanish… like this video you’re watching on our channel 😉 But there are more materials beyond Spring Spanish, of course. 

I am Spring Spanish teacher Paulísima and I have selected 5 of my favorite ones. Here is resource number 1:

1. Free YouTube videos

Check out our about 300 videos. Entre mis favoritos está el de la cultura del alcohol, cosas que los mexicanos odiamos, cómo actuar como un mexicano y el de la palabra ‘ahorita’. Los links para verlos están en la descripción. Chécalos y dime en los comentarios qué piensas de ellos. (Among my favorites is the culture of alcohol, things that us Mexicans hate, how to act like a Mexican and about the word ‘ahorita’. The links are in the description. Check them out and tell me what you think about them.) 

 If our extensive playlist is not enough, we have made a list of our 13 favorite YouTube channels, check out what Cory has to say  by clicking here.

2. Free Podcasts

You have to listen to a lot of Spanish to get fluent. There are tons of free podcasts for beginners and advanced out there. Check out these awesome article listings written by one of Spring Languages founders and dear friend, Lukas Van Vyve. He compiled all the best podcasts for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. I’ll add the link in the description! 

Algunos de los podcasts que menciona son Spanish Obsessed and Coffee Break Spanish. (Some of the podcasts that he mentions are Spanish Obsessed and Coffee Break Spanish.)

3. Speak Spanish with a tandem partner 

Tengo una confesión: la verdad yo no sabía lo que significaba la palabra tándem en el contexto de aprender un idioma. Cuando pensaba en tándem, pensaba en esto y esto. (I have a confession: the truth is that I didn’t know what the word tandem was in the context of learning a language. When I thought about a tandem, I thought about this and this.)

Entonces, ¡antes no sabía pero ahora ya sé! (So, before I didn’t know, but now I know!)

Chunk Alert! 

Ya sé. (I know.) A really useful Spanish chunk, that you can use when you want to say: I know or I already know. Para mayor información sobre qué diablos son los chunks y cómo te pueden ayudar para mejorar tu español rapidísimo, checa el link que está en la descripción. (For more information about what the heck are chunks and how they can help you improve your Spanish really fast, take a look at this link that is in the description.)

A tandem is where you find a Spanish native that wants to learn English and practice with them Spanish and English–for free! Check out Cory’s video with all the places where you can find a native Spanish speaker to practice speaking with. Hint: It’s really easy to find someone! You could already be speaking Spanish today! 

4. Free Spanish apps

There are dozens of free apps out there. De hecho, aquí en Spring Spanish tenemos un video sobre cuáles son las mejores. (In fact, we have a video about which ones are the best.) Algunas apps muy buenas son Brainscape que es para hacer flashcards (Some really good apps are Brainscape that is to make flashcards) and LingQ. Let me know in the comments which ones you are using and would recommend. 

5. Spanish blogs/websites 

Si quieres estar enterado de lo que está pasando en el mundo, pero en español, una buena opción es el sitio de CNN en español. (If you want to be up-to-date about what’s happening in the world, but in Spanish, a great option is CNN site in Spanish.) The great thing about it is that if you like to stay informed, you’re very likely to already know what the headlines are, so it’d be easier to understand the news in Spanish. 

También BBC tiene una sección en español que es ampliamente recomendable. Si estás viviendo en México, te gusta reirte y te gustaría meterte más profundo en nuestra cultura, no te puedes perder leer El Deforma. (Also BBC has a Spanish section that is highly recommended. If you’re living in Mexico, you like to laugh and immerse yourself in our culture, you can’t miss reading El Deforma.) A satirical news site that just cracks me up. This is going to earn you extra local points with your Mexican friends. Te lo prometo. (I promise you.)

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