Learn a language, use it in real-life conversations - through the power of Conversation Based Chunking™

Learning to speak a language isn't about cramming word lists and grammar drills. In fact, that causes brain fossilization. Conversation Based Chunking™ prevents fossilization and help you absorb language patterns (chunks) so fluent sentences start rolling off the tongue in conversations... without having to memorize word lists and grammar rules!

Avoid Brain Fossilization Caused by Memorizing Word Lists & Grammar Rules

Learning a language the traditional way with words and grammar rules doesn't only make you feel tongue-tied and translate in your head while speaking Spanish... It can actually "damage" your brain by irreversibly fossilizing mistakes in your brain.
Conversation Based Chunking™ is the only way to avoid brain fossilization.

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Have Fluent Sentences Roll Off the Tongue by Observing Real-Life Dialogues

We build our programs around a tried-and-tested, scientifically proven methodology called Conversation Based Chunking™. This method is all about absorbing a language and its patterns (or chunks, as linguists call them) by observing real-life dialogues. Way more fun than cramming word lists and grammar drills... and way more effective!

Fast-Paced Guided 12-Week Challenges

Each level in our language programs takes 12 weeks to complete. Short enough to stay motivated, but long enough to see real progress and finally be able to converse in a foreign language!

(In some of our programs, we even guarantee you finally speak a foreign language! Click here to learn more)

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2 Polyglots Who Speak 12 Languages Combined Join Forces to Develop The World's First Language Learning Platform Powered By Conversation Based Chunking™

After both learning to speak 6 languages, growing the biggest language blog in Germany, organizing and speaking at language conferences and writing a book about Conversation Based Chunking™, Gabriel Gelman and Lukas Van Vyve decided to join forces and build a language learning platform to help millions of people speak foreign languages fluently.

Conversation Based Chunking, the method we developed for our language programs, is scientifically proven and tested by tens of thousands of students. It really helps you think in Spanish (or any other foreign language) without feeling tongue tied or translating in your head. All while avoiding brain fossilization! Our first project: Spring Spanish!

Our Spring Languages Academy Helps Students Have Fluent Sentences Roll Off the Tongue in ANY Situation

Spring Languages Founders Lukas & Gabriel
Lukas & Gabriel - Polyglots and Founders

Our programs are hosted by professional tutors who are trained in Conversation Based Chunking™. They answer all your questions, keep you on track to speak any language fluently and make the whole experience FUN!

We provide our training materials in multiple formats so you can learn the way that best suits you.

We publish daily Spanish lessons on our Spring Spanish YouTube Channel.

In the Spring Languages Academy, we provide structured courses powered by Conversation Based Chunking™ under the guidance of our tutors.

You get lessons and explainer videos in HD video, an audio player for all professionally recorded Spanish conversations, with a clickable interactive transcript that follows along with the audio, as well as access to the training online from any desktop or mobile device anywhere in the world anytime you like! 

It's hard to learn languages  when you're surrounded by people who are trying to learn with traditional methods instead of Conversation Based Chunking™ (or maybe aren't interested in learning languages at all).

Our students join an exclusive, dedicated worldwide community of others on the same path to fluency, so you can share your biggest victories and get support and understanding if you're struggling.

Check out our Spring Spanish YouTube Channel!

We publish new Spanish lessons every weekday!