Learn languages, use them in real-life conversations - through the power of Conversation Based Chunking™

Learning to speak any language isn't about cramming word lists and grammar drills. In fact, that causes brain fossilization. Conversation Based Chunking™ prevents fossilization and helps you absorb language patterns (chunks) so fluent sentences start rolling off the tongue in conversations... without having to memorize word lists and grammar rules!

Learn these chunks to have fluent sentences roll off the tongue (no grammar required)

Learning fixed word combinations (we call them chunks) helps you speak languages without having to think grammar. We teach Spanish and German through chunks in all our YouTube videos.

Get started with a chunking kit with a list of the most frequent chunks you'll need in all your conversations, and a tutorial on how to memorize them!

Get Flashcards, Transcripts and Live Classes with our teachers in the Inner Circle

To maximize the amount you learn from our video lessons, you have to make an active effort to memorize all the chunks and use them yourself.

In the Spring Languages Inner Circle, you get flashcards with all the chunks and transcripts for all our lessons. On top of that, you can come to live classes with out teachers, practice your language in the community, AND propose topics for our upcoming lessons!

Take a Structured Language Course with us

In our Academy we also offer structured course packages. Each level in our language programs takes 12 weeks to complete. Short enough to stay motivated, but long enough to see real progress and finally be able to converse in a foreign language!

In some of our programs, we even guarantee you finally speak your language!