Spring Languages: The Story

2 Polyglots Speaking 12 Languages Combined Join Forces to Develop The World's First Language Learning Platform Powered by Conversation Based Chunking™...

A Space Engineer turned Language Expert and Linguist Come Together…


We’re Gabriel Gelman and Lukas Van Vyve, co-founders of Spring Languages and language enthusiasts. We both speak 6 languages!

Spring Languages Founders Lukas & Gabriel
Lukas and Gabriel - Polyglots and Spring Languages Co-Founders
Gabriel speaking at the Polyglot Conference, Slovakia

Gabriel is a space engineer turned language expert who founded the biggest language learning website in Germany (Sprachheld) in 2014. He co-organizes numerous language conferences (Polyglot Gathering, Expolingua, Follow Languages Day).

Lukas is a linguist who wrote a best-selling Amazon book about learning languages through a method he developed called Conversation Based Chunking™. He  has hosted language courses in 4 languages for thousands of students since 2015.

Conversation Based Chunking Conference
Lukas explaining Conversation Based Chunking and presenting his book at Langfest, Concordia University

…And Decide to Build a Brand-New Language Learning Platform, Teaching Languages Without Word Lists and Grammar Rules!

In 2020, we decided to use our combined experience to join forces and build the most effective, (linguist- and space engineer-proof) language learning and entertainment platform out there. Designed to help you have effortless conversations in a foreign language, without having to memorize word lists and grammar rules.

How? Simple: through the Conversation Based Chunking™ method we’ve developed and used to both learn 5 foreign languages ourselves and that will ensure you finally stop translating in your head and feel tongue-tied while speaking a foreign language!

Together with our amazing team of teachers, we help you speak fluent Spanish (and other languages) on YouTube and in our Spring Languages Academy!


Follow Languages Day 2021
Polyglot Gathering Logo

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Meet Our YouTubers/Teachers

Our teachers are rockstars (at least we think so). You might have seen their faces already on our Spring Spanish YouTube Channel or in the Spring Languages Academy!

Spring Spanish Teacher Paulisima


Spring Spanish, Spring English

Paulísima is a language coach, labor lawyer and a women’s rights researcher. She loves teaching as much as she loves her native Cancún. She is an intersectional feminist who actually practices the whole “the personal is political” maxim in her daily life, and her tacos are to die for.

Maura Spring Spanish Teacher


Spring Spanish

Maura, originally from Venezuela, is one of the teachers at Spring Spanish. She’s also: actriz (actress), escritora (writer), directora (filmmaker), editora (editor) y traductora (and translator)!

Sounds like a lot, right? But it all comes from a creative energy she harbors inside. The same creative energy she uses to teach you Spanish!

Spring Spanish Teacher Juan


Juan’s a Venezuelan Teacher, Engineer, Writer and Musician based in Buenos Aires. He’s into traveling, music, videogames, films and pop culture in general. He’s a member of the band Santa Fuego and lives with his wife Lía and his Shiba Inu Okami.

Spring Spanish Teacher Maria Fernanda

Maria Fernanda

Calling all travelers and dog lovers to meet María Fernanda, one of the teachers that loves to dance salsa, speak languages (she currently speaks four) and of course share about her Mexican culture with you. She is looking forward to seeing you at the Spring Spanish Channel to interact with her and her dogs.

Spring Spanish Teacher Mariana


Mariana has always been passionate about languages, so much so that she speaks English, Italian, and French; additionally, she is currently learning German and is eager to learn one or more Mexican indigenous languages. In addition to being a teacher at Spring Spanish, Mariana works as a legal translator (in fact, she’s a sworn translator in Mexico).

Become a YouTuber / Spring Spanish Teacher


Spring Spanish/English/German/French/Italian/...?

We’re always looking for more teachers/youtubers to help us create content for our YouTube Channel and for our Academy! If you’re interested in joining our team, click the button below to apply:

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