Learn Spanish With Spring Spanish!

¡Hola amigos! If you want to have fluent sentences roll off the tongue in Spanish, then Spring Spanish is exactly what you need! 

With our team of Spanish Teachers we create tons of Spanish lesson (free and paid) based on the method of Conversation Based Chunking™. You'll learn to speak Spanish without having to memorize word lists or grammar rules!

Here's how to get started:

STEP 1: Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel and Get 5 Free Spanish Lessons a Week (FREE)

That's right: 5 free Spanish lessons a week, taught by our Spring Spanish Teachers!

We cover vocabulary, grammar, fun facts, culture, pronunciation and much more.

Subscribe now for your perfect daily dose of Spanish, both for beginners and for more advanced students!

Best for: Everyone learning Spanish. It's on YouTube, it's free and it'll give you tons of exposure to real Spanish!

STEP 2: Sign Up For Spanish From Scratch in 30 Days (Video Course, FREE)

Check out our Free Spanish Video Course for Beginners! We've compiled all the must-know beginner topics, grammar, vocabulary,… in a big course with 30 video lessons. 

Everything you need to get started speaking Spanish (and, of course, powered by our Conversation Based Chunking method)!

Best for: Total beginners in Spanish who want to get started learning the very basics but aren't ready to invest in a dedicated course with guidance from tutors.

STEP 3: How to Speak Fluent Spanish Without Memorizing Word Lists and Grammar Rules (FREE TRAINING)

The secret sauce behind ALL our programs (and our students' extraordinary Spanish skills) is called Conversation Based Chunking. It's a simple 4-step method that allows you to speak Spanish WITHOUT ever memorizing word lists and grammar rules (and without translating in your head).

In this training, Spring Spanish co-founder Lukas teaches you how you can use Conversation Based Chunking yourself to learn Spanish. You'll even get some free sample materials from our (paid) Spanish courses! 

Best for: This training is a MUST for everyone who wants to speak fluent Spanish without translating in their head! 

STEP 4 (Optional, If You're Really Serious): The Spring Spanish Challenge - Our Flagship Course

We host premium Spanish courses with custom-made Spanish learning materials, live coaching, help from Spanish tutors,… in our Spring Spanish Academy.

The courses are structured as 12-Week Challenges and we have different levels available (beginner – advanced)

Best for: People who are serious about learning Spanish and want a structured course and guidance from Spanish tutors.

On top of the resources above, you can get all our YouTube lessons with a full written overview as well on our blog: