Check out our Spring Spanish Podcast!

The first season is out for 2022 which is our beginners season! In the first season, you will learn in 30 episodes the most important Spanish basics:

  • Conversation Basics 1: How to hold basic conversations in Spanish with natives including how to say hello (hola), my name is (me llamo), thank you (gracias) and goodbye (adios) in Spanish!
  • Spanish Basics: The alphabet, the right pronunciation in Spanish and how to say the basics in Spanish such as the numbers, the colors, the days of the week, the months, the time and more!
  • Grammar Basics: The most important Spanish grammar including noun gender, the articles, personal pronouns and more!
  • Conversation Basics 2: How to make small talk, speak about the weather, ask basic questions, apologize, describe a person and speak about nationality, family, hobbies or your job in Spanish!

And if you would like to watch the full video lessons, check out our YouTube channel below: