Help Your Students Learn Languages By Participating In Our Affiliate Program

If you have an audience interested in language learning and you want to recommend them a solid, proven way to learn languages, we’d love to work with you!

We create tons of free content and lessons you can recommend to your students, but we also offer paid courses in our Spring Academy.

If you refer a student in one of our paid courses, you won’t only have helped that person learn a language; we also offer you substantial benefits and affiliate commissions.

A Spring Languages Student = A Happy Student

We keep the highest standards for all the courses we create, both free and paid, and we’re proud of our work, teachers and track record.

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How do I get started?

We offer commissions of up to 30% on course sales. 

Depending on your audience size, we’ll also give you guidance on how to get started and work actively with you to promote our materials to your audience in a way that fits your students and your style! We have experience creating and selling language courses to tens of thousands of students and would love to share our expertise with you.

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