5 THINGS You MUST Do Every Day To Improve Your Spanish 👊

Learning any language requires discipline and being open to new habits. Spanish is no exception to that, so today is a great day to start, because in this article I’ll show you cinco cosas que necesitas hacer diariamente para mejorar tu español (five things you need to do every day to really improve your Spanish). So, read until the end because number five is a real game changer!

1. Listen to comprehensible Spanish

We’ve talked about it before: Si quieres aprender un idioma, debes escucharlo. (If you want to learn a language, you must listen to it.) This will help you get used to the intonation and pronunciation.

AND not only listen to it, but listen to chunks or sentences you can understand already and push your skills just a little bit more and try to get the missing words or meanings from context.

When you hear them often enough, you will memorize many of them just like that. No additional studying required! Also, I’ve got a great tip for you: check María Fernanda’s article about Movies and TV series in Spanish to start listening to some great and interesting plots and stories from Hispanic television.

2. Speak Spanish

Same as number one, the way to speak like a native is to practice speaking.

By making this one of your habits, you’ll improve your pronunciation and intonation dramatically as you become more and more familiar with the most common chunks and vocabulary in Spanish.

How can you do that? Well, here are some suggestions:

  • get one of your natives friends on a call
  • go to a Spanish-speaking restaurant
  • go to a festival near your city.

Heck, even thinking in Spanish or talking to yourself works! I mean, I do it all the time! —No, I’m not crazy!

3. Review your chunk flashcards

If you’ve been watching our videos, you have probably noticed one of the strategies we use at Spring Spanish is creating flashcards with chunks instead of just isolated words. This is not only to show you how chunking works, but also to help you create a database with the most common phrases and expressions in Spanish you’ll find yourself using a lot, and their meaning in your mother tongue.

So, take advantage of this and review your chunk flashcards frequently. You’ll notice how easy you remember after repeating them a couple of times! ¡Usa las herramientas que te damos a tu favor! (Use the tools we give you to your advantage!) —See? You can even create a flashcard from that one!

By the way: if you’d like to get some flashcard decks created by us, join us for a free Spanish training on our website! In that training we give away a Spanish lesson that comes with a flashcard deck. You’ll also discover how to speak Spanish without translating in your head and memorizing word lists and grammar rules.

4. Do something fun in Spanish

What can be better than using your leisure time to also practice your Spanish?

One of the most effective ways to learn a language is through fun activities in that language. That’s exactly how I learned English, actually! So, listening to a podcast in Spanish, watching Spanish TV series or movies, or memorizing your favorite Spanish song can be a great way to improve your language skills because you won’t feel like you’re studying or spending time and energy in something that feels like a chore.

A great way to make a habit of learning Spanish is hacerlo divertido (to make it fun).

5. Watch a Spring Spanish lesson daily

This is the one I was telling you before: The real game changer, el paquete completo (the whole package)…

Watching one Spring Spanish lesson a day will help you get all of the previous habits you need to improve your Spanish. You will get to listen to a lot of Spanish input clearly pronounced, explained and in chunks you can start learning by heart to then use them when practicing speaking Spanish.

So, if you haven’t done so yet, subscribe, click the bell button and go watch your five weekly lessons, and if you’ve watched them all already, I suggest rewatching the ones where you think you still don’t know all the chunks yet! 


So, un pequeño recuento (a little recap) 

  • First thing: Escucha mucho español (Listen to a lot of Spanish)
  • Second: Habla español (Speak Spanish)
  • Third: Revisa tus chunks (Review your chunks)
  • Fourth: Haz algo divertido en español (Do something fun in Spanish) 
  • And finally: Mira las lecciones de Spring Spanish (Watch the Spring Spanish lessons)

FREE Spanish Training

Recuerda que la práctica hace al maestro (remember that practice makes perfect), so make these 5 things a daily habit and I assure you that your Spanish skills will improve dramatically!

You don’t even need to spend hours on that. Just doing every activity a few minutes per day can be a real game changer.

To further your learning, we also have a free Spanish training on our website where you’ll discover the method we use in our Spring Spanish Academy to teach students to speak fluent Spanish. You also get some free sample Spanish lessons there that come straight from our Academy!

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