13 Different Ways to Use Madre – Mom in Spanish: How Mexicans Use Spanish Slangs!

Why do Mexicans Say MADRES 💃? 👉 13 Mexican Chunks with the word MADRE

In this article… ¡¡¡MADRES!!!

I already forgot what I was going to say. No, no es cierto (No, that is not true). That was just an example of the use of the word Madre (mom in Spanish), and believe me, my friends, we have a lot of ways to use the word madre to basically express everything. 

What are these expressions with madre and what do they mean? In this article, you will learn all the chunks with the word MADRE that have positive and negative connotations, so you can use the word correctly next time you go to Mexico and sound like a true Mexican! 

I. Chunks with madre or how to say mom in Spanish!

I am going to teach you 13 different chunks that you could use in specific situations. Stay until the end of this list so you can see specific examples on when we use mom in Spanish in context!

ESPERA ESPERA, WAIT: First, what are chunks?

Chunks are fixed word combinations in Spanish that almost never change. You may discover them by listening to native speakers speak Spanish, and once you have found one, you should just learn it by heart so it rolls off the tongue while you’re speaking Spanish

These are examples of chunks: ¿a qué hora? (at what time?) or por la tarde (in the afternoon), or… me vale madre

You don’t really have to understand the grammar behind chunks, or why you’re using a certain preposition or so… which is the whole point. 

I’ll give you all the important chunks with the word madre now, but like I said, you can find many more by just listening a lot to native speakers (or to our videos)! And if you’d like to get better at discovering chunks (which will make you finally speak Spanish without translating in your head), check out the free chunking training we have on our website.

Alright, with that being said: time for some “madre chunks”!

  1. ¡Me vale madre! (I don’t care!)
  2. ¡Estoy hasta la madre! (I am sick of this!)
  3. Darse en la madre (Hit yourself very hard)
  4. Partirle la madre (Beat someone very hard)
  5. ¡Ni madres! (That is not true!)
  6. ¡Madres! (Damn!)
  7. Esto huele / sabe a madres (This smells / tastes horrible)
  8. ¡Qué desmadre! (What a mess!)
  9. Vales madre (You are worthless)
  10. Eres poca madre (You’re awesome)
  11. Es una madre / madrecita (It’s a thing or a thingy)
  12. Es a toda madre (S/he is so cool)
  13. ¡Madre / madrecita santa! (Holly Mother!)

Bonus: if you ever go to Veracruz, Mexico then practice these: 

  • ¡A la madre!
  • ¡Pa’su madre!
  • ¡A su madre!
mom in spanish examples of madre with female teacher on the right side of the screenshot

They all mean you’re amazed about something. The closest equivalent in English is, simply, “Wow”!

II. When to use chunks with mom in Spanish?

Now let’s see some examples with these chunks to check out when to use mom in Spanish:

  • Me hiciste algo para comer. ¡Qué lindo! ¡Gracias! (You made me something to eat. How nice of you!)
    • ¡Ay! ¡Esto sabe a madres! (This tastes horrible!)
  • Hijo, ve a limpiar tu cuarto porque está hecho un desmadre. (Son, go clean your room because it is a mess.)
  • No puedo encontrar la cosa que va detrás del arete. Es una madrecita. (I can’t find the thing that goes behind the earring. It’s a thingy.)
  • ¡Madre santa! ¡Me asustaste! (Holly Mother! You scared me!)
  • Chihuahua está a tan sólo 20 horas en carro de Veracruz. (Veracruz is a 20-hour drive from Chihuahua)
    • ¡Pa’su madre! ¡Está lejísimos! (Wow! That is super far away!)

III. FREE Spanish Training: Mamá, mami, jefa, mamita and other chunks for mom in Spanish!

So, mis amigos, did you know any of these chunks?

As I mentioned before, some of them are considered vulgar or can be curse words, so… perdón, mamá, si estás viendo este video (sorry, mom, if you are watching this video).

I hope that now you know more about the use of this word, and the variety that we Mexicans have adapted for it.

If you want to take your Spanish to the next level, feel free to check out the Free Spanish Training that we created to explain to you how our method works to learn Spanish faster without cramming word lists nor grammar drills that lead nowhere.

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