SEVEN Things You Should Know Before Dating a Latina 🤯

7 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Latina 🤯

If you’ve ever considered dating a Latina, STOP right now and read this! Because you’re going to discover 5 things you must know before pursuing a relationship with a Latina.

Si estás acostumbrado a las chicas de tu país de origen (If you are used to women from your country of origin), you should realize that it will be totally different with a Latin woman. Let’s see if you’d still like to date one of us after reading this piece… Or maybe you’ll become even more interested?

1. You need to be a real gentleman

It’s well known in Mexico that a man walking with a woman in the street will always position himself del lado de la carretera (on the roadside). We like our men to open the door for us, to offer us their chairs, to carry our purses, etc. 

Contrario a la creencia popular (Contrary to popular belief), we don’t consider this as a weakness; we actually give these things such a value that I could absolutely dismiss a guy who doesn’t open the door for me.

Of course, I know times have changed, y las mujeres no somos damiselas en peligro (and women are not damsels in distress)… but honestly, a man taking care of his woman and giving her compliments es sexy (is sexy)! 

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2. We will watch closely how you treat your own mom

One of the tips una madre mexicana (a Mexican mother) usually gives her daughter is:

Do you want to see how a man will treat you in a few years?
Fíjate cómo trata a su propia madre.
(See how he treats his own mother). 

Sí, mamá, gracias por el consejo…
(Yes, mom, thanks for the advice…)

Whether it is accurate or not, it is advice that I have followed. I once had a boyfriend who talked horribly to his mom. He wasn’t particularly rude to other people or to me, but I’m not ashamed to say that more than once we had a discussion about how he was treating his mama! 

Needless to say, that boy is now my ex! Así que, antes de salir con una mexicana (So, before dating a Mexican), give your mom a call.

3. We are not your girlfriend until you properly ask for it

To be in a formal, official relationship, reconocida mundialmente y posteada en
Facebook (recognized worldwide and posted on Facebook), the magic question must be pronounced, with these words and in this order: 

¿Quieres ser mi novia?
(Do you want to be my girlfriend?)

¡Claro que sí!
(Yes, of course!)

If you haven’t done that, believe me, she’s not your girlfriend. I’ve met some people who fell in love with a Mexican girl and until the request was made —ya sea a través de un poema o una flor o una declaración verbal (whether with a poem, flowers or just verbally)—, it just wasn’t official. If the girl in question was at the movies with somebody else… well, they didn’t pop the question, right?

4. That jealousy thing… it’s true!

I know we have quite a reputation of being extremely jealous. ¡Lo sé! (I know!) Of course, this is in no way a general thing… and very respectfully, I can confirm some of us can be… difíciles de manejar (hard to handle).

  • ¡Esa vieja le vio las pompas a mi novio! ¡Agárrame a mi poodle! (That old hag was looking at my boyfriend’s butt! Hold my poodle!)

In the temper of a Latin American girl, this is quite normal and will take some getting used to. 

¡Demonios! (Hell!)… Even I don’t like other women touching or looking at my things!

5. Marriage is a very serious thing!

If you are going to propose, you need to know que te estás casando con la familia entera (you are getting married to the whole family).

  • ¿Quieres casarte conmigo?
    • Cory: Sí
    • Mamá: Sí
    • Papá: Sí
    • Hermana: Sí

They all want to help with preparations too. So, sit down, relájate (relax), enjoy the show, but beware that this is a commitment. Tu nuevo suegro (Your new father-in-law) won’t let you forget. 

Oh, and before the ceremony, the engaged couple appoint a number of padrinos y madrinas (godfathers and godmothers) who take care of las flores, los anillos, las velas, el alcohol, las fotos (the flowers, the rings, the candles, the alcohol, the photographs)… This helps to distribute the financial burden of marriage among a number of people.

So, yes! There’s some good news too: in Mexico, traditionally, the bride’s family pays for the wedding.

6. Forget about using the same T-shirt you used yesterday because “it is clean”

Una mujer latina jamás saldrá contigo si estás desaliñado (A Latin woman will never date you if you are disheveled) and, as a matter of fact, she would even forbid you from leaving the house if your shirt is not properly ironed or shows any sign that can be interpreted as negligence towards our partners. 

We pray ourselves for taking good care of our man: well-fed, with clean clothes, etc.

7. Bonus: you’ll learn real Spanish

Believe me! When you get tired of listening to things like:

  • No, no estoy enojada. (No, of course I’m not mad.)
  • Ya sabes, yo he de ser de gomita. (You know, I might be made of jelly.)
  • Siempre soy yo la que empieza, pero jamás es su culpa. (It is always me who starts, but it’s never his fault.)
  • Y a mí que me cargue el chamuco. (And I can be taken away by the devil.)

You’ll find yourself very eager to learn as fast as possible!

Now, if after hearing all this you still want to date a Latina, it’s important to know exactly the right things to say in Spanish to conquer her and you’re in luck: I have a lesson for you with all the Spanish chunks you need to use to win over the hearts of Latinas with these Spanish love phrases

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