The 5 Best Christmas Carols in Spanish 🎄

The BEST Christmas Carols in Spanish

Christmas is close and we are ready to get together with family and eat deliciously. And obviously, while we enjoy the Christmas dinner), we must have a cool playlist in the background with our favorite Christmas carols in Spanish, or as we call them in Spanish, villancicos

In this article, I will give you 5 Christmas carols in Spanish you can listen to on your favorite music platform and why not, add them to your playlist during these holidays?

#1 Mi burrito sabanero

This may be translated as “My little Donkey from Savannah”, and I remember dancing to this song in one of the Christmas shows we had to do in primary school… it was so much fun!

I think this is more of a children’s song, but it is catchy and a great way to enhance your Spanish over Christmas.

#2 Los peces en el río

This could be translated as “The fish in the river”. 

Guys, many Christmas songs are related to la virgen María (Virgin Mary), el niño Jesús (baby Jesus) and of course, Los Pastores (shepherds), so it is pretty normal you hear these nouns often in a Christmas song.

#3 El niño del tambor

“The little drummer boy”, a song that has been adapted to many genres and, personally, I like it very much. 

Anyway, for the last two, I have added two songs to make you stand up to sing and dance at the same time because, if you have been following me, you already know that me encanta bailar (I love to dance).

christmas carols in spanish on a red and orange background

#4 Ven a cantar

This song gets you in the mood and I think that it is perfecta if you want to have una Feliz Navidad (a Merry Christmas). 

This song is very popular and it’s also completely bilingual, so it might be on your playlist already. However, to end this lesson, I gathered the Jingle Bell Rock Spanish version so you can actually practice con un ritmo (with a rhythm) that you already know. 

#5 Navidad Rock

¡Quiere cantar mi corazón! (My heart wants to sing!) 

The Spanish version is called Navidad Rock, and the lyrics are quite understandable. 

So, teacher tip: Read the lyrics, so you can get familiar with the words and then let yourself go in singing these songs this Christmas.

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Mis amigos, you now have a list of 5 canciones (songs) that you can play with your familia y amigos (family and friends) and enjoy una Feliz Navidad in Spanish. Do you have any other songs that you would like to share with the other Spring Spanish students? Then, let me know in the comments below!

I wish you felices fiestas (happy holidays) and remember if you are serious about learning Spanish, you can make one of your New Year’s resolutions to mejorar tu español (improve your Spanish). 

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