8 reasons why Spanish is the best language to learn now

8 Reasons why Spanish is the best language to learn now

Mis amigos, we all know Spanish is un idioma maravilloso (a wonderful language), otherwise you wouldn’t watch our Spring Spanish videos! But I wanted to understand: ¿Qué hace a este idioma tan popular para los aprendientes de lenguas? ¿Qué es lo que hace al español tan útil? (What makes this language so popular among language learners? What makes speaking Spanish so useful?)

So I did some research and came across some pretty interesting fun facts and reasons why Spanish is the best language to learn for you right now…  

And of course, I documented it all and made a selection of the 8 best things I discovered. 

Let’s take a look.

#1 Spanish speaker population

Decidí iniciar mi investigación cerca de casa (I decided to start my investigation close to home)… In the hundreds of videos my colleagues and I have created for our very own Spring Spanish channel and I came across this little insight from our friend Juan:

Mis amigos, as you heard Juan saying, more than 500 million people speak Spanish, that makes it a good investment of your time, right? 

Si yo fuera tú, escogería aprender un idioma que pueda practicar en muchos destinos de viaje. Como el español que es hablado en 21 países, así que la razón número 2  (If I were you, I would choose a language to learn that I can actually practice in many travel destinations. Like Spanish that is spoken in 21 countries, so reason number 2)…

#2 Travel

Usar el español mientras viajas, te llevará a los lugares recónditos donde los turistas no están permitidos. (Using Spanish while traveling will take you to the hidden spots where tourists are not allowed.) For example, when I taught you how to use Las 3 B’s with a taxi driver.

Siendo honesta contigo, deberías perder el miedo de hablar con los locales porque no tienes idea de los lugares maravillosos que puedes encontrar solo si preguntas en español. (To be honest with you, you should lose the fear of speaking to locals because you have no idea of the amazing places you might find if you just ask in Spanish.)

#3 Job

Exactamente mis amigos, Spanish is considered a great skill if you want to work for a multicultural company and even for a non-multicultural company that might be selling to Mexicans or other Spanish-speaking countries. Hablar otro idioma te dará la oportunidad de expandir tu red y viajar a diferentes países para cerrar contratos o como business developer. (Speaking another language will even give you the opportunity to expand your network and travel to different countries to close deals or as a business developer.) As I taught you lately on my “How to do business in Spanish” video.

No solo eso, si eres emprendedor (But not only that, if you are an entrepreneur) that means that with your language skills you can import or export your goods and services to other countries more easily and effectively. 

#4 You can work or study abroad

For example, I have worked as a teacher of Spanish in England and now, thanks to that, I am also a Spanish teacher here at Spring Spanish. But how about you? 

Recuerda que ya hablas tu lengua materna, eso significa que una vez que mejores tu español, muchas puertas se te abrirán para trabajar o estudiar en el extranjero. (Remember you already speak your mother tongue, that means that once you improve your Spanish, many doors will open to work or study abroad.)

Lo mejor de esto, es que tienes 21 países para elegir dónde estudiar o trabajar (Best part of this, you have 21 countries to choose from where to study or work).

#5 Dating

¿Crees en el amor a primera vista? (Do you believe in love at first sight?) Well, mis amigos, imagine you just met someone, let’s say a Latino, and they don’t know your language very well. 

Pero no te preocupes porque ya has sido un estudiante de Spring Spanish y con nuestros múltiples videos sobre citas en español, ahora ya sabes que decir, ¿no? (But don’t worry, because you have been a Spring Spanish student and with our several videos about dating in Spanish, now you know what to say, right?)

If we go back to the videos, some of the Latinas said

But not only women, but men expect women to understand los piropos (the compliments) that you mi reina (my queen) are about to hear. Therefore, a language will expand your opportunities of getting to know el amor de tu vida (the love of your life)

 Now, if you’re already taken, then reason número 6

#6 Build lifelong friendships

If you are amigos with a Latino or Spanish speaker, get ready for some baile, fiesta, música, diversión y mucha comida (dance, party, music, fun and lots of food). Mi casa es tu casa (my home is your home), and yeah, we take that saying seriously. 

Le damos la bienvenida a nuestros amigos como si fueran nuestra familia, y creo que es un gran gesto, tener amigos de otros países que están preocupados en aprender mi idioma. Con eso ya puedes chismear, pasar el rato y hablar de nuestro día como un nativo. (We welcome our friends like family, and I think that is a great gesture to have friends from other countries that are worried about learning my language. You can get to gossip, hang out and talk about your day like a native. 

Reason número 7 (number 7)…

#7 It’s good for your brain

Aprender un nuevo idioma, no solamente español, pero cualquiera realmente, es bueno para mantener tu cerebro activo. (Learning a new language, not only Spanish but any language to be honest, is good to keep your brain active.) You will be using memorization and other skills that will help you to keep you active. If you’re the kind of person that requires a challenge then feel free to check out the video I did for you giving you what to do for 30 days to learn Spanish.

#8 Understand music, films and podcasts

Last but not least, entender la música, las películas y los podcasts (understand music, films and podcasts). In the past months I have taught you in many videos how to learn Spanish through these amazing tools. Y yo creo que hay mucho más que puedes aprender y practicar de estos. Imagina que en algunos meses puedas ver películas sin subtítulos. ¡Qué maravilla! Y eso es lo que queremos que logres. (And I think that there is so much more to learn and practice from them. Imagine in just a few months being able to watch a film without subtitles. How marvelous! And this is what we want you to achieve.)

Hay tantas recomendaciones (there are so many suggestions) we have given you until now you should be motivated to start your Spanish learning journey if you haven’t yet or be more motivated if you have! 

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