Furniture in Spanish: All the Spanish Phrases You Need to Talk About Your House Items

ALL the Spanish phrases you need to talk about FURNITURE in your HOUSE!

It doesn’t matter whether you live en una casa (in a house) or un departamento (an apartment), after reading this article you will be able to speak about los muebles (furniture in Spanish) and be ready to rent a house based on your needs, buy decoration items, or even ask where to find something.

1. What are the rooms in Spanish?

Before we start learning phrases, it is important to know the names of each room. So, it would be easy to identify the furniture in each room:  

  • la Sala (the living room)
  • el comedor (the dining room)
  • la cocina (the kitchen)
  • la recámara (the bedroom)g
  • el cuarto de lavado (the laundry room)
  • el Estudio (the home office)

2. How to rent a house in Spanish

Let’s say you want to go to Mexico or any Spanish-speaking country and you need to find accommodation with specific features.

If you are on the phone talking to a potential landlord or landlady, you may say:

  • ¡Hola! Yo soy María Fernanda. (Hello! I am María Fernanda.)
  • Estoy buscando un departamento con dos cuartos. (I am looking for an apartment with 2 bedrooms.)
  • Me gustaría que fuera un departamento amueblado. (I would like it to be a furnished apartment.)
  • Quiero una cocina grande con un baño completo y un medio baño para visitas. (I want a big kitchen, with one full bathroom and one half bathroom for visitors.)

Beside these phrase, Spanish travel phrases are also pretty important so check them out!

3. Understand AirBnB Ads in Spanish

Let’s analyze a possible AirBnB Ad.

furniture in spanish airbnb ad

In this hypothetical ad, it is important you have a look at the following vocabulary:

  • La mejor ubicación (the best location)
  • Alberca (Pool)
  • Chapoteadero (wading pool)
  • Torre de departamentos segura (Safe apartment building)
  • Estacionamiento techado (Covered parking)
  • Totalmente climatizado (with air conditioning)
  • Cama matrimonial (Double bed)
  • Televisión y servicio de internet (TV and internet service)
  • Cocina equipada y área de lavado con lavadora y secadora (Equipped kitchen and laundry room with washer and dryer)

4. Buying decoration for furniture in Spanish

The following chunks may come in handy if and when you are en la mueblería (in a furniture shop):

  • Me gustaría comprar (I would like to buy)
  • Estoy buscando (I am looking for)
  • Necesito (I need)

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Other useful chunks to describe what you are looking for specifically include:

  • Necesito una lámpara blanca  (I need a white llamp)
  • Estoy buscando una cama individual (I am looking for a single bed)
  • Me gustaría comprar un horno eléctrico (I would like to buy an electric oven)

5. Ask for location anywhere

This actually could apply in a lot of situations: at a restaurant, at your friend’s house or even if you want to help them to bring something… So, you want to learn how to ask and how to reply.

  • Oye, amigo, ¿dónde está el baño? (Hey friend, where is the bathroom?)
  • Al fondo a la derecha, pasando el comedor. (At the end to the right, next to the dining room,)
  • Oye, necesito dos sillas de la sala, por favor. (Hey, I need two chairs from the living room, please.) 
  • Sí, por supuesto. ¿Estas están bien? (Yes, of course, these ones are fine?)

6. Learn more phrases connected to furniture in Spanish with FREE Spanish Training

¡Muy bien, amigos! Now you know the Spanish phrases to talk about furniture, and let me give you a tip if you want to learn them faster: use some sticky notes to identify the furniture in your own house with their Spanish name AND feel free to watch more videos on our channel!

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