5 Ways to Learn Spanish with this FREE supersmart AI TOOL (ChatGPT)

5 WAYS to Learn Spanish with this FREE supersmart AI TOOL (Chat GPT)

Alex, tengo algo nuevo para ti. Para que sigas aprendiendo español.
(Alex, I have something new for you. For you to keep learning Spanish.)

¿En serio? ¿Qué cosa?
(Seriously? What is it?)

Se llama ChatGPT. Es un chatbot que, te juro, va a cambiarlo todo.
(It’s called ChatGPT. It’s a chatbot that, I swear, is going to change everything.)

¡Holis! Yo soy Maura, de Spring Spanish. And whether you know this crazy ChatGPT already or not, this video will help you understand the best ways to use it, specifically, to improve your Spanish game. ¡Empecemos!

1. Use ChatGPT for vocabulary, definitions and explanations

Let’s start out with the simplest yet still impressive use you can get out of this app. We’ll leave the most exciting for last, so make sure to stick around for it.

Ok, una de las primeras cosas que puedes hacer es mejorar tu vocabulario.
(Ok, one of the first things you can do is improve your vocabulary.)

O sea, como un diccionario.
(Meaning, like a dictionary.)

Sí, pero con muchos más beneficios. Por ejemplo, puedes pedirle un término junto con su definición, sinónimos y explicaciones de cómo usarlo.
(Yes, but with many more benefits. For example, you can ask for a term along with its definition, synonyms, and explanations of how to use it.)

¿De verdad? A ver, voy a probar.
(Really? Let’s see, I’ll give it a try.)

Question: Can you tell me what “genial” means in Spanish, plus synonyms and how to use it?

Like Alex, I’m shocked by this. Llámame loca, pero, ¿no te conmueve la brillantez de este programa? (Call me crazy, but aren’t you moved by the brilliance of this program?)

Mientras lo supero (While I get over this) why don’t you click that link in the description and get our free Essential Spanish chunking kit? If you haven’t already, of course. I’m thinking you could even ask the bot for more examples with those chunks.

2. Use ChatGPT for grammar practice

One of the things that I’m loving the most is that it provides very straightforward explanations for things. Making it super easy to understand only the essential without getting you overwhelmed with extra information.

Otra cosa que puedes hacer es, literalmente, pedirle que te explique partes específicas de la gramática.
(Another thing you can do is, literally, ask it to explain specific parts of the grammar.)


¡Sí! Prueba con algún tema. El que quieras.
(Yes! Try with a subject. Whichever you want.)

¿Como tiempos verbales y todo?
(Like verb tenses and all?)

¡Claro! Y no dudes en hacerle preguntas al respecto si no te queda claro.
(Of course! And don’t hesitate to ask questions about it if it’s not clear to you.)

Question: Can you explain the present simple in Spanish? Follow-up question: Can you give me examples of everyday expressions in this tense?

Chunk Alert!

From the chunk si no te queda claro (if it isn’t clear) I want you to get: quedar claro. It’s another one of those weird uses of the verb quedar. This verb is so crazy, I actually made a video about it that you can check out here. You can adapt this and affirm things like: Gracias por la explicación, ahora me queda claro. (Thanks for the explanation, now it is clear to me.) Or use the negative to say the opposite: Lo siento, no me queda claro. (I’m sorry, it’s not clear to me.)

Continuemos con más formas de usar el chatbot para mejorar tu español. (Let’s continue with more ways to use the chatbot to improve your Spanish.)

3. Ask Chat the chatbot to correct a text

Esto es ideal para practicar la escritura. (This is ideal for practicing writing.) You can write a full text in Spanish and then ask it to correct it. Plus, you can ask it to explain those corrections so you can get a deeper sense of what’s going on.

Insert of example. Question: Can you correct mistakes in this text for me please? Text: “Me yamo Alex. Tengo 2 años estudiando español. Apreden mucho con Spring Spanish. Mi mehor consejo por todos es que lo practiquen a diarios.” (My name is Alex. I have been studying Spanish for 2 years. I learn a lot with Spring Spanish. My best advice to everyone is to practice it daily.)

A word of advice, be as specific as you can about what you want. Por ejemplo (For example), using the expression “correct mistakes” helps it focus on actual mistakes. If you say something like “improve”, it might not only correct mistakes but enhance style and vocabulary. Lo cual nos lleva al uso número cuatro. (Which brings us to use number 4.)

4. Use the chatbot to enhance your style

This thing is really amazing, but there are, of course, things it cannot do. We’ll talk about that in a second. First…

¿Sabes cómo siempre me dices que lo que te falta en español es expresividad?
(You know how you always tell me that what you lack in Spanish is expressiveness?)

Sí. Siempre estoy diciendo las mismas seis cosas.
(Yes. I am always saying the same 6 things.)

Bueno, puedes hacer una lista de esas cosas y pedirle al bot que te dé mejores alternativas.
(Well, you can make a list of those things and ask the bot to give you better alternatives.)

O sea que también entiende de estilo.
(So it also understands style.)


Question: What’s a better way to say: me gusta beber café siempre. (I like to drink coffee all the time.) Follow-up question: Is there a better expression that means the same as siempre (always)?

Ahora (Now), as of yet, it cannot recognize audio or images. Por lo tanto, no se practica la escucha ni la expresión oral. (Therefore there’s no listening or speaking practice.) Además (Plus), you can’t ask it to describe images of any kind. En sus propias palabras (In its own words) (insert image): “Please note that while I can assist with language learning, I am not a substitute for a live language teacher or language-learning software. However, I can complement these resources and help support language learners in their studies.”

5. Practice speaking

Aquí es cuando, para mÍ, la cosa alcanza un nuevo nivel. (This is where, for me, things reach a new level.) Its chatting capabilities are like nothing the world has seen before. Puedes tener conversaciones enteras sobre cualquier tema… (You can have full conversations about any topic…) you choose to without the pressure of doing it live, but with all the accuracy of doing it for real.

Lo mejor de todo, Alex, es que puedes hablar con él básicamente como si fuese una persona.
(Best of all, Alex, you can talk to it basically as if it were a person.)

Claro, hemos estado hablando, ¿no? Yo le pregunto cosas y me las contesta.
(Sure, we’ve been talking, haven’t we? I ask questions and it answers them.)

Sí, pero no tienes que preguntar nada. Puedes simplemente decirle que quieres conversar sobre cualquier tema en español.
(Yes, but you don’t have to ask anything. You can simply tell it that you want to talk about any topic in Spanish.)

¿En serio? O sea, como si fuera una amiga.
(Really? I mean, as if she were a friend.)


Question: Practiquemos hablar español. (Let’s practice speaking Spanish) Subject: La naturaleza (Nature).

Make sure to ask it to correct your Spanish or give you alternatives to say the same thing. Or anything else you’d like for it to take into consideration.

Question: ¿Puedes decirme si cometo algún error en español, por favor? (Can you tell me if I make a mistake in Spanish, please?)

So, are we impressed or what? Do not hesitate to try this out and find even more ways to ask it to help you out. I’m sure it’ll surpass your expectations. Since it cannot yet help with your listening, you should make sure you get your 10 minutes per day with this listening practice we prepared for you. Click the image on the screen and I’ll see you there!

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