Dating a MEXICAN: 8 Things You MUST Know

Dating a MEXICAN 🔥💘: 8 Things You MUST Know

Anyone who has been in a relationship with a Mexican may tell you that there is lo bueno y lo malo (the good and the bad), but let’s be honest: dating a Mexican may be superdivertido (super fun) and escandaloso (loud)!

I have gathered 8 things that you MUST know before dating a Mexican. If you still want to date a Mexican after reading this article, well… you will feel prepared (at least, you won’t be able to say I didn’t warn you)!

I might be generalizing a bit, but remember: this is just for fun! If you have had the experience of dating a Mexican, however, please let me know in the comments below and tell me if you think something is missing…

1. You will learn Spanish

Why should a Mexican make an extra effort if they may call you gordito, corazoncito, mi amor, cariñito… and who doesn’t like a pet name in Spanish, right?

When Mexicans get upset and say “Por favor, mi amor, no me hagas esto” (Please, my love, don’t do this to me), guess what? You will do it again because you didn’t understand… because you don’t speak Spanish.

That is why sooner or later you will understand and the love for the Spanish language will appear eventually because you love your Mexican.

2. Mexicans don’t speak, they yell!

Yes, mis amigos! Mexicans are loud!! (Well, latinos in general). When happy, it’s amazing, because they express themselves, but when they get upset… well, I suggest you buy ear plugs with my personal coupon: Idateamexican to have a 10 % discount. (Just kidding! … or maybe not?)

3. Dating a Mexican could be a real-life telenovela (soap opera)

Being dramatic and emotional is normal in telenovelas, and I guess Mexicans sort of receive this influence during their childhood. So expect some drama scenes and tears, but this means they are feeling… a lot… and that’s because:

4. Mexicans are passionate

Mexicans are passionate and will demonstrate their love in every possible way: in their behavior, by cooking your favorite food, being helpful or being touchy with hugs, kisses and squeezing every part of your body… yes… any part.

5. Family is everything for Mexicans

Be ready, my friend! If you are invited to la casa de la familia de tu pareja (the house of your partner’s family), you will meet la abuelita (their grandma), el tío (their uncle), los primos (their cousins), los papás (their parents), las hermanas (their sisters), and so on…

6. The gentleman expectation

In Mexico, gender roles tend to be quite serious. Most Mexicans grow up with “The Gentleman expectation”: a man treats a woman in the traditional way, such as abrir la puerta (opening the door for them) or maybe sending some flores (flowers) on Día de San Valentín (Valentine’s Day).

And… well, girls, you may be very lucky if you date a Mexican guy:

you will be su reina (his queen) 👑

7. Mexican food 

If you visit Mexico with your partner, be ready to try tacos, enchiladas, enfrijoladas, gorditas, panuchos, empanadas, quesadillas, and much more…

Mexicans have a saying: “El amor entra por el estomágo” (Love enters through the stomach).

Believe me, after eating Mexican food you will definitely fall in love… or be in need of a new stomach.

8. Mexicans love to party!

If there is a get together to drink tequila or dance salsa, rancheras, or cumbias, as long as there’s a party spirit, bring your Mexican date along because you will have a lot of fun!

Are you ready to date a Mexican?

If you are ready to date a Mexican, then go check out Cory’s video about love expressions in Spanish to complement your vocabulary, as well as the rest of the videos you will find on our channel!

What about those that have already dated one, would you like to share if these descriptions were accurate? 

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