Top 8 Amazing Spanish YouTube Channels for Beginners That’ll Make You Speak Fluent Spanish 🤯

If you’re learning Spanish, read this article to discover the 8 best Spanish YouTube channels for beginners that’ll help you finally get fluent!! 

Top 8 AMAZING YouTube Channels that’ll make you speak fluent Spanish 🤯

Fun fact: more than 500 HOURS of videos are published on YouTube every minute! Crazy, right? 

So, in that ocean of content, how are you ever supposed to find the GOOD videos that’ll help you get fluent in Spanish? No te preocupes (Don’t worry!) Cory al rescate (Cory to the rescue): I’ve done the difficult research work so you don’t have to… 

1. Butterfly Spanish

Una de mis favoritas (One of my favorites), Ana is a great teacher! She’s so sweet and has a way to explain things that are, de hecho, muy prácticas (practical, actually). 

She has been around since 2013 and has a video on every topic you can imagine. Ella mezcla español con inglés (She mixes Spanish with English), and I like to think of her teaching method as “classic” yet entertaining. She uses a white board, so you can feel like you are in a real classroom! 

En mi opinión (In my opinion), her lessons are more focused on grammar, but without losing that touch of fun! One of my favourite videos of her is Learn 20+ SPANISH VERBS for touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste.  

2. Spanish and Go!

Now, if there’s a “power couple” in the English/Spanish language world, ¡ellos seguro lo son! (they must be it!) 

May is a Mexican English and Spanish teacher, and Jim, su esposo (her husband), just had to get away from Minnesota winters… They have amazing traveling videos, some to the USA and some to exotic places such as Puerto Rico (and yes, they have a video explaining why it is so hard to understand the Ticos!)

I would say that their main focus son las experiencias de viajes (are travel experiences), and the Spanish that you would need to not get lost in translation! 

They film themselves in several situations, and also have Vlogs and Q&As videos. No se centran mucho en la gramática (they’re not so focused on grammar), but more on how natives would speak. 

Gringos Try Mexican Candy and Snacks (Mazapán, Takis, and more)” would be my favorite video of them… I mean, renuncié a darle de mis dulces a mis amigos extranjeros (I gave up giving my foreign friends some of my Mexican sweets) because they never valued them… but that video is quite hilarious! 

3. Why not Spanish?

A veces (Sometimes), channels have a not so traditional beginning, and this might be the case with Why not Spanish, since Maria, una maestra de inglés colombiana (a Colombian English teacher) was teaching Spanish to Cody, a native English speaker. 

What I enjoy a lot about their videos is the immersion in Colombian culture and how some words used over there are not so, let’s say, proper in Spanish. 

Their teaching method is a mix of reglas gramaticales y palabras comunes en español (grammar rules and common words in Spanish), using everyday situations to give better examples. 

I recently learned about “El dia de las velitas” or the Day of the candles, a Colombian celebration, and they have an amazing video explaining to foreigners what this festival is about. 

I would say their videos are as much for beginners as they are for advanced learners, since they are always mixing English and Spanish. 

4. Spanish with Vicente

If you are studying for the DELE exam, ¡este es tu chico! (this is your guy!) 

Vicente is our first Spaniard on the list and his videos are mainly in Spanish. Not only does he have a YouTube channel, pero también un podcast y un blog (but also a Podcast and a blog). 

I would consider Vicente’s videos are for people who already have some Spanish knowledge, porque, como lo dije antes (because, as I said before), his videos are fully in Spanish, and they cover a wide range of topics, like my favorite: “Cómo regatear en España” (How to bargain in Spain).

Believe me, this was very informative to watch! Since he is a full-on teacher that helps students pass Spanish certifications. His videos are quite focused on gramática y vocabulario (grammar and vocabulary). 

5. Español con María

Otra maestra colombiana (Another Colombian teacher), María has such a spirit that it is a joy to watch her channel. 

She is not as focused on grammar as Vicente is, but she will nonetheless teach you about verbs and conjugations. She likes to go on adventures and a lot of her videos are about her travel and experiences in Colombia y otros lugares de Latinoamérica (and other places in Latin America). 

She mixes Spanish and English, so I think I will recommend this channel for any Spanish level. My favorite video of her has to be when she goes scuba diving in Santa Marta.

6. SergiMartinSpanish

El siguiente en nuestra lista es (Next on our list is) Sergi Martin, from Barcelona, which, by the way, es una de mis ciudades favoritas en el mundo (is one of my favorite cities in the world).

Sergi is a Spanish teacher, and his videos are usually in Spanish. Él es encantador (He’s super charming) and not only talks about grammar rules, but also has many videos with historical themes, such as “Si Colón no hubiera llegado a América, ¿qué hubiera pasado?” (If Columbus had not arrived in America, what would have happened?), a video that raises questions such as “What language would be spoken in Colombia if Columbus hadn’t arrived in America?”

He also has short videos where he talks acerca de expresiones típicas (about typical expressions) from different countries. It’s a great option if you are in a hurry but still want to study some Spanish! I would say his videos are for any level of Spanish since the majority of them have subtitles, which makes it easier for any level. 

7. Superholly

Si estás interesado en aprender español, y creo que sí que lo estás (If you are interested in learning Spanish, and I think you are), there’s a big possibility that you know Superholly’s channel. 

Habla perfecto español e inglés (She speaks perfect Spanish and English) and she’s also known as the “meme girl” because she once made a video about how to pronounce brands that went viral in Mexico.  

Spoiler alert! She also has videos about the Náhuatl language, una de las lenguas autóctonas de México (one of the indigenous languages in Mexico). In one of these videos, with Náhuatl speakers, they explore certain words in Spanish that come from it… like aguacate, which you might recognize since the word in English sounds similar… Yes, you guessed! Avocado!

Avocado comes from the Spanish word aguacate, which in turn comes from the Náhuatl “ahuacatl” and yes, I learned this with Superholly. Here’s the video in case you would like to know more. She also has DYI videos where you can learn, for example, how to do una lámpara de nube (a cloud lamp) and many other nice things. Her videos are also manly in Spanish, but others are fully in English. 

8. Bonus: the best Spanish YouTube channels for beginners – Spring Spanish! 

El mejor canal (The best Channel): Spring Spanish. 

best spanish youtube channels for beginners - spring spanish

Vale, vale, podría no ser imparcial (Okay, okay, I might be biased), but on our channel you can find amazing Spanish teachers, like me… and Maria Fernanda, Mariana, Juan, and Paulisima. 

We teach Spanish through chunks, which helps you speak Spanish without translating in your head or thinking about grammar rules! The cool thing is: we can teach these chunks while talking about interesting topics, culture, sometimes even through games, so we can always keep entertaining you! 

Alright! ¿Has encontrado algo que te gusta? (Did you find anything you like?) 

Of course there are even more great Spanish teaching YouTube channels. Since I couldn’t cover them all in this video, I have asked my colleague María Fernanda to share some more.

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