How to Talk About Your HOBBIES in Spanish EFFORTLESSLY 🎼

How to Talk About Your HOBBIES in Spanish EFFORTLESSLY 🎼 [SPANISH LESSON 29]

In this article, aprenderás cómo hablar de tus pasatiempos en español (you’ll learn how to talk about your hobbies in Spanish). Whether you are an aficionado/a de fútbol (a soccer fan) or whether you’re more into leer (reading) or tocar la guitarra (playing the guitar), after reading this article you’ll be able to tell everyone about tu pasión (your passion) in Spanish.

1. Talk about hobbies in Spanish you enjoy

A great way to discover things in common with someone, to make friends, or just have una linda conversación en español (a nice conversation in Spanish) is to talk about your pasatiempos (hobbies).

Whether you like simple and common things like sports, music, outdoor activities, or very quirky and eccentric things like collecting Mesopotamian emerald swords, you need to know how to express your passion in Spanish. Let’s see some ways to do this!

A common and general expression to talk about something you like is “Me gusta“. This is how it works:

  • Me gusta la música. (I like music.) — Singular and feminine, so we use “Me gusta la“.
  • Me gustan los deportes. (I like sports.) — In this case, it’s plural and masculine and thus we use “Me gustan los“.
  • Me gustan las carreras de motos. (I like motorcycle racing.) — Also plural, but feminine, so we use Me gustan las“.

If you’re wondering how to properly use the género de los sustantivos (noun gender), go and check María Fernanda’s video about that! You’ll learn ¡muy rápido! (really fast!).

So let’s say you like soccer, pero además de eso (but besides that), you actually practice it. How would you say that in Spanish? Let’s see:

  • Me gusta practicar tenis. (I like to practice tennis.)
  • Me gusta jugar ajedrez. (I like to play chess.)
  • Me gusta tocar el piano. (I like to play the piano.)

So, as you can see, you may use the verbs practicar, jugar and tocar to express you actually like doing something as your hobby. 

  • Practicar is normally used for sports or hobbies that require discipline like music or arts.
  • Jugar has a similar meaning, but not so rigid.
  • Tocar is used specifically for playing instruments or music styles like tocar la batería or tocar salsa.

2. Talk about your hobbies you LOVE

If you really like something and are passionate about it, you may use:

  • Me encanta (I love it) — literally, I’m enchanted by it
  • Mi favorito es (my favorite is)
  • ¡Es mi pasión! (Is my passion!)
  • Soy fanático de or Soy fanática de (I’m a fan of) 

Let’s see how to use these expressions!

  • ¡Me encantan los deportes! (I love sports!)
  • Soy fanático del fútbol. (I’m a soccer fan.)
  • Mi equipo favorito es Boca Juniors. (My favorite team is Boca Juniors.)
  • Me encanta jugar videojuegos. Mi favorito es Final Fantasy siete. (I love playing videogames. My favorite is Final Fantasy 7.) — This one is actually true: Final Fantasy 7 is the best. I’ll fight you over it!
  • ¡Soy fanático de la cocina! Mi favorita es la cocina caribeña. (I’m a fan of cooking! My favorite is Caribbean food.)

3. Spanish vocabulary examples for likes and dislikes in Spanish

¡Buen trabajo! (Good job!) Now that you know how to talk about your hobbies, I’ll give you some common examples of hobbies in Spanish. Let’s check them out!

  • Jugar básquet (playing basketball)
  • Patinar (skating) — either skateboard or roller skates
  • Acampar (camping)
  • Coleccionar (to collect)
  • Leer historias de misterio (reading scary stories)
  • Bailar (dancing)
  • Mirar series (watching TV Series)

A couple of facts about me:

I’m actually a nerd, a writer, and a musician. I even have a band and play percussion there. So, I may say: ¡La música es mi pasión! Me encanta tocar la batería. ¡Tengo una banda! (Music is my passion! I love playing the drums. I have a band!)

4. Learn more about someone’s favorite hobbies in Spanish

By now you know how to talk about your pasatiempos (hobbies), but if you want to keep the conversation going around this topic, you may use the following expressions to ask the other person what they like:

  • ¿A ti qué te gusta hacer? (What do you like?)
  • ¿Cuál es tu pasatiempo? (What’s your hobby?)
  • ¿Cuál es tu favorito? ¿Cuál es tu favorita? (What’s your favorite?)

5. Learn more Spanish with FREE Spanish Training

¡Genial! Now you know how to talk about your hobbies in Spanish! Please tell me in the comments: ¿Cuál es tu pasatiempo favorito? (What’s your favorite hobby?)

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