Acting Like a Mexican: 10 Tricks to Make People Believe You’re Mexican

Learning Spanish to make Mexican friends or even move to Mexico? Do you really want to blend in? Do you want to hide for a little while that you’re a foreigner?

10 tricks to make people believe you’re Mexican

If you follow my advice, you might be able to pull it off: acting like a Mexican!

There is really no way to ever know if someone is Mexican just by looking at them, and this will work on your advantage.

Because there are certain attitudes, certain words, certain phrases, ways of being that, if you master them, might trick people into believing you are Mexican or at least it will make them wonder a little bit.

I’m Paulisima from Spring Spanish, and today I’ll give you 10 tricks that’ll make Mexicans believe you’re also a Mexican!

The tricks are divided into 4 categories. Let’s take a look at the first one…


1. Key Mexican expressions

Since the idea is to keep your foreigner status hidden, you’re going to become a person of few words. But we’re going to make them count. 

First. Greetings.

Just say: Buenas. Buenas. It means “good ones” but is code for either, buenos dias (good morning) or buenas tardes (good afternoon). It’s informal and only Mexicans use it, so you’ll blend in right away. 

10 tricks to be acting like a mexican

To agree with something, you can use ok but make sure you pronounce it like this: okei.

When you’re leaving, say: hasta luego (see you later) or bye. Yes, Mexicans say bye as much as they use hasta luego (see you later) or adiós (goodbye).

If you need to excuse me, say: comper (slang for excuse me). Not con permiso (excuse me) which is the full expression. Just comper. And when someone says con permiso to you, answer: propio (go ahead), this old fashion and super Mexican response will help keep you camouflaged! 

2. Acting like a Mexican by eating with tortillas and tacos

I can always tell when someone is a foreigner by the way they handle their tacos.

If you were to spend “a day as a Mexican” you’d definitely include unos taquitos – some “small” tacos – into the mix. 

And remember that more than a dish, tacos are a way of eating. Nothing will make you look more Mexican than making your own tacos when you’re served a dish that comes with tortillas. 

If you are in a taquería (a taco stand) you must, first of all, know how to order. Aquí tienes una orden promedio (Here’s an average order):

¡Me da 3 de bistec con todo por favor!
(Give me three beef tacos, with everything, please!) 

Sí claro señorita. ¿Y de tomar qué le damos? 
(Of course Miss. And what can we get you to drink?)

Una coca por favor.
(A Coke please.)

Just with that phrase you could survive in Mexico! Me da tres de bistec con todo. (Give me three beef tacos with everything.)

And then here’s how you prepare them:

You have to put the salsa all along the tortilla, same as the lime, all along. Not only in the center, I repeat, not only in the center! 

To grab them properly, use gravity in your favor, keep this angle.  

I hope you’re liking this lesson as much as I like tacos!

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3. Prioritize comfort over fashion

When it comes to fashion, I’m convinced that Mexicans attach more importance to comfort over style. Please, Mexican fashionistas don’t hate me!

I’m just talking about people in general, the masses, not about you and your impeccable sense of style. 

I’ve only lived in 2 cities of Mexico: Cancun, my beautiful piece of paradise and the spectacular Mexico City where I live now. 

In Cancun, everyone wears sunglasses, here in Mexico City not so much, not even on very sunny days. But what the two cities have in common is that no matter the weather, all the time, all the people, wear jeans. Really regardless of the weather you will see jeans everywhere.

In Cancun sandals are basically mandatory, here, in Mexico City, you’re better off with closed shoes and… whatever is comfortable! 

Important notes though: 

En México usar la bandera nacional fuera de sus fines ceremoniales normales es un delito. (In Mexico, using the national flag outside of its ceremonial usage is a felony.)

You will never see a Mexican, at least not in Mexico, wearing the flag in any way. So please don’t do it, not only you’d be breaking a federal law, but also you will stand out and ruin your Mexican cover! 

Another important note: Modesty is still very important in Mexico.

Short shorts are not that common unless you’re in a beach town. Transparent fabrics, spaghetti straps or outfits that reveal a little too much skin are not the norm, especially in conservative towns.

About modesty and how it is still important, I’m going to tell you a story in a minute.

4. Mexican behaviors to act like a Mexican

Now, let’s imagine two situations in which you might find yourself when in Mexico. Standing in line and having someone try to cut it and buying stuff in a market. How would a true Mexican act in these situations?

  1. Mexicans will never let anyone cut in a line, if you witness this major betrayal to the rules of society while in Mexico. If someone tries to cut the line in front of you say this:

Yo estoy formado. 
(I’m in the line.) 

Or if you’re a woman. Yo estoy formada (I’m in the line) and you can add an “eh”: Yo estoy formada eh? (I’m on the line ok?) 

If you just see someone trying to do it but not necessarily near you try this:

¡Se cuelan! 
(Someone is trying to cut the line!) 

  1. Mexicans will try to cut a better deal. If you’re in a market to buy something like a T-Shirt, a purse, a potted plant, etc. Try this: 

¿Disculpe cuánto cuesta? 
(How much is it?)

80 pesos 
(80 pesos)

¿Y si me llevo dos? 
(What if I take two?) 

Ok, le doy dos por 150 
(Ok, I’ll give you 2 for 150) 

Me lo llevo 
(I’m taking it) 

Now let’s say you bought produce, before it is handed to you tell this to the vendor:

¿Me da el pilón? 
(Can I get a little extra bit?) 

¡El pilón! El pilón is that extra bit of anything that vendors give their frequent clients to keep them happy and keep them coming! 

I’m sure if you ask with a smile and the right attitude, you’ll get el pilón

Remember I was walking in my neighborhood, I was wearing this. I was doing my groceries, just walking about my neighborhood, then this older lady stands in front of me and says: 

¡Mira esta encuerada! 
(Look at this naked woman!) 

She called me encuerada! That’s slang for naked. But I was not naked! Not even close! But this is just to show you that modesty still matters even in big cities like Mexico City.

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