Spanish party phrases you need for a crazy party: use Spanish slangs like a native speaker!

Have you ever had “just water” because you couldn’t order a drink in Spanish?

In this article, I’ll share with you some of my wisdom about the best Spanish party phrases and habits Latins use to enjoy the fiesta, as it should be!

Mastering Spanish Party Talk: A Learner's Guide to Mexican Celebrations

1. The most common Spanish party phrases in Mexico

It’s very common to have many names for one thing in Spanish, and clubbing is no different!

In Mexico, the most common term for club is antro, but if you are in Argentina, then you want to go to el boliche. —By the way, boliche in Mexico means bowling.


  • Esta noche vamos todos al antro. (Tonight we are all going to the club.)
  • Los boliches en Buenos Aires abren muy tarde. (Clubs in Buenos Aires open very late.) 

2. Learn Spanish phrases you can use in a fiesta

This article is not complete without the word bailar (to dance).

There are so many Latin dances: salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, rancheras... The list goes on and on, but what if you want to invite somebody to dance? Easy! You should ask:

  • ¿Quieres bailar conmigo? (Would you like to dance with me?)

Or if somebody asks you that, then you can say:

  • Me encantaría bailar, gracias. (I would like to dance, thank you.)

Now, if you have two left feet like me, just say:

  • No, gracias. Yo no bailo. (No, thank you! I don’t dance.) 

3. Drinks are part of the Spanish party culture

Tequila is the national drink in Mexico, and people order it en un caballito (in a shot glass) or with soda, but of course Mexicans have many other drinks: whiskey (whiskey), ron (rum), vodka (vodka), ginebra (gin), cerveza (beer), etc. Drinks may be ordered en las rocas (on the rocks), con agua (with water), or derecho (straight).


  • Mi bebida favorita es el whiskey en las rocas. (My favorite drink is whiskey on the rocks.)
  • El vodka se disfruta mejor con jugo de uva. (Vodka tastes better with grape juice.)

And if somebody comes to you and asks: ¿Puedo invitarte una copa? (Can I buy you a drink?), then you can say: Sí, gracias; una cerveza, por favor. (Yes, thank you, a beer please.) 

spanish party phrases colorful fiesta text

Let’s be honest, having some drinks at the party is quite common and it can be fun, but remember: Everything with measure, and it would be a good idea to have a designated driver or try a non-alcoholic drink, but how to order it?

Well, it’s very easy:

  • ¿Me da un mojito sin alcohol, por favor? (Can I have a mojito without alcohol, please?) 
  • Yo soy el conductor designado esta noche. (I’m the designated driver tonight.) 

Important note: In Spain, a shot is called chupito. 

4. Spanish slang for hangover and types of parties

We know a party is also a birthday celebration for example, but we can also celebrate when going to a concert, a music festival, a regional celebration, like el día de los muertos (the Day of the Dead), a housewarming party or a wedding.

People also plan house parties, just because. So, if a friend says “Te invito a una fiesta” (I invite you to a party), I hope you have fun and you won’t be too hungover 😉  

Estar crudo (being hungover) in a term mostly used in Mexico, but in Spain, the word for hangover is resaca and it is also used in Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, and Uruguay, while Chileans say caña and Ecuadorians say chuchaqui

5. Common party Spanish words and phrases

Last, but no least, let’s see some of the most common sayings when partying: 

  • Soy el alma de la fiesta. (I’m the life of the party.) 
  • Si la vida te da limones, haz limonada. (If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.)
  • Si no pierdes la cabeza, no estás de fiesta. (If you don’t lose your mind, you’re not partying.)

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¡Muy bien! Ready to go party?

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