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Do you know Spanish for work or for business? If you don’t, you are at the right place! Learn all the business Spanish lessons you need in this article!


¡Hola, amigos! ¿Cómo están? ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Spring Spanish! Yo soy María Fernanda, aquí está mi tarjeta de presentación (here is my business card) and I am one of the Spanish teachers here at Spring Spanish.

¿Tienes un espacio en tu agenda hoy? (Do you have room in your calendar today?) In that case, bienvenidos a esta presentación (welcome to this presentation)! Creo que esta vez sí cerramos el negocio. (I think we will close the deal this time).

Well, mis amigos, this is just a taste of the lesson today, I suggest you read the entire article if you wish to learn more about the essential chunks to do business in Spanish!

Doing business these days

Mis amigos, today, world business can be done anywhere and we can now even close deals from the comfort of our homes. But when it comes to expanding your business or talking to potential customers in other countries, let’s say Mexico, España or Latino América, you can surprise and impress your contact by using some Business Spanish instead of you waiting for them to speak English.

So, ¡vamos a comenzar! (let’s begin!)

I will give you a set of chunks in Spanish that you can use when networking, setting up a meeting, giving a presentation and closing a deal. Pero, si te ayudo con esa venta (but if I help you with that sale), no olvides mi comisión, ¡eh! (don’t forget my commission, huh!)

Next section will be completely in Spanish, so be prepared.

#1 Networking in Spanish

Buenos días, ¿cómo está?
(Good morning! How are you?)

Muy bien, ¡gracias! ¿Y usted?
(Very good, thank you! And you?)

Muy bien. ¿En qué trabaja?
(Very good! Where do you work?)

Yo trabajo en la empresa Spring Spanish.
(I work at Spring Spanish Co.)

¿En qué departamento trabaja? / ¿Qué puesto tiene en la empresa?
(In which department do you work / Which position do you have in the company?)

Yo trabajo en ventas.
(I work in sales.)

Ah, ¡muy bien! Encantado de conocerle.
(Ah, very good! It is a pleasure to meet you.)

Igualmente. Aquí tiene mi tarjeta de presentación.
(Likewise. Here is my business card.)

¡Muchas gracias! Esta es la mía.
(Thank you very much! Here is mine.)

#2 Setting up a meeting

[Used only when picking up the phone.]

Buenas tardes. Soy María Fernanda; le llamo para concertar una reunión.

(Good afternoon! I am María Fernanda and I am calling to set up a meeting.)

¡Perfecto! Mi jefe puede atenderla la próxima semana. ¿Qué día y hora le viene mejor?
(Perfect! My boss can see you next week. Which day and time suits you better?)

Tal vez el martes a las 10:00 de la mañana.
(Maybe Tuesday at 10 am.)

A las 10:00 am es imposible, pero tiene un espacio a las 12 del día.
(It’s impossible at 10 am, but I have a space at noon.)

De acuerdo, me parece bien.
(Agreed, sounds good!)

Muy bien. Si necesita cancelar, me puede llamar nuevamente y reagendamos.
(Very good! If you need to cancel, you can call me again to reschedule.)

¡Perfecto! Así quedamos, gracias.
(Perfect! It’s settled, thank you!)

¡Perfecto, hasta luego!
(Perfect, see you later!)


Mis amigos, a quick break here! Did you notice that I am teaching you with Spanish chunks and not just with word lists? 

Chunks are word combinations that always stay the same, such as “así quedamos” (it’s settled). You can find these chunks by listening a lot to actual native speakers in a conversation; that’s also why you know they’re correct: you’ve heard a native speaker use them! 

The good thing about learning chunks is that next time you are in a similar situation, you can use them as well without even having to understand the grammar behind them! After all, you KNOW they are correct! 

So, next time you close a deal in Spanish, you can just say “así quedamos”… and this is exactly how we teach Spanish here, at Spring Spanish. If you want to hear more about this chunking method, check out the Spanish chunking training!

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Now, sigamos con nuestra clase (let’s move on with our lesson).

#3 Giving a presentation in Business Spanish

Hoy tenemos una presentación con la junta directiva.
(Today we have a meeting with the board of directors).

Estaremos definiendo el presupuesto de mercadotecnia para este año.
(We will set this year’s marketing budget). 

Tú vas a entregar los informes.
(You will deliver the reports).

Tú vas a entregar los resultados del año pasado.
(You will deliver last year’s results.)

¿Y yo? Bueno, alguien tendrá que decirle a los directores que el presupuesto es insuficiente y que necesitamos aumentarlo si quieren ver resultados exitosos.
(And me? Well, someone has to tell the directors that the budget is not enough and that we need to raise it if they want to see successful results.)

Uff! Quite some difficult vocabulary here, right? Did you notice we underlined some useful chunks, though? Feel free to re-read this part and check the chunks again!

#4 Cerrando el negocio (Closing the deal)

Entonces, ¿qué le pareció la propuesta que le envié?
(So, what did you think about the proposal I sent you?)

Si, aquí la estoy viendo.
(Yes, I am looking at it now). 

Me pareció muy interesante, pero aún la seguimos analizando.
(I thought it was interesting, but we are still analyzing it).

Bueno, tenemos dos compañías más que desean invertir en este proyecto.
(Well, there are 2 more companies that would like to invest in this project).

Si no toman una decisión hoy, mañana puede que sea muy tarde.
(If you don’t make a decision today, tomorrow might be too late.)

Hablaré con los responsables, y te notificaremos en seguida.
(I will speak with the people responsible and I will let you know immediately.)

Okay, esperaré solo hasta las tres de la tarde, y podemos cerrar el trato.
(Okay, I will wait only until 3 pm and we can close the deal).

Ok, gracias. Hablamos luego.
(Okay, thank you! Talk to you later!)

¡Hasta pronto!
(Talk to you later!)

Mis amigos, did you learn some useful chunks in our lesson today? Will you be able to apply these chunks in your next business deal? 

If you like today’s topic and my acting please let me know by leaving me a thumbs up. And if you want more specific business chunks, please write them in the comments below so I can prepare another dynamic lesson like this one.

Fue un placer haber estado en esta clase con ustedes (it was a pleasure being in this lesson with you)!  

Now, business Spanish can sometimes be hard. That’s why you now should read the article where I provide you with my best 5 tips that I have for you to successfully learn Spanish and business Spanish this year.

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