This is How Germans Say GOODBYE to each other

This is How Germans Say GOODBYE to each other

Danke für alles.Tschüss!
(Thank you for everything. Bye!)


What did they just say? Let’s learn five ways to say goodbye in German!

Ich bin Spring German Lehrerin Denisa und hier ist deine erste Option: (I’m Spring German teacher Denisa and here is your first option:)

1. Tschüss

As seen in the scene before, Tschüss is the most used form of saying goodbye in German. You can say it to everyone. Friends, family, co-workers and so on. But if you want to say goodbye in a formal way, for example to your boss, say Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye).

2. Auf Wiedersehen

Also, ich geh jetzt nach Hause. Auf Wiedersehen!
(So I’m going home now. Goodbye!)

Auf Wiedersehen Frau Wagner. Bis morgen.
(Goodbye Mrs. Wagner. See you tomorrow.)

Guys, before we continue, at the end of this video I’ll show you a way of saying goodbye we use all the time in Germany, that we have stolen from the Italians.

Chunk alert!

When we are with friends and want to wish them a good day we also say “Ich   wünsche dir noch einen schönen Tag” which means “I wish you a pleasant day”. If you want to say something more short, just say “mach’s gut” which is literally “do it well” but you can also see it like “take care”.

3. Mach’s gut

Die Stunde war echt anstrengend.
(This lesson was very exhausting.)

Ja. Man hat auch das Gefühl, dass man etwas geschafft hat, oder?
(Yes. It feels also like you achieved something, right?)

Da hast du recht. Ich muss jetzt los. Ich wünsch’ dir noch einen schönen Tag.
(Yes you are right. I have to go now. I wish you a pleasant day.)

Also mach’s gut!
(So take care!)

Du auch.
(You too.)

What are chunks you ask? Chunks are word combinations that natives use all the time and that you can learn by heart as a whole. Get the most important German chunks you need for a conversation in our German essential chunking kit. The link is in the description.

4. Bis dann

Bis dann means literally “till then” and you use it when you know that you will see the person soon, for example in a few hours or a few days.

Also mach’s gut!
(So take care!)

Bis dann.
(’till then.)

5. Ciao

Ciao is a way to say goodbye we have stolen from the Italians. Italians use it to say hello too but in Germany we only say goodbye like this.  A lot of younger people also made a rhyme out of it and say “Ciao mit V” (Ciao with a V) for fun.

Danke für alles. Ciao.
(Thanks for everything. Ciao.)

Ciao mit V.
(Ciao with V.)

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