Which Hollywood actor speaks the best Spanish?


Spanish is the second most spoken mother language, topped only by Mandarin. It’s no surprise that Hollywood stars speaking Spanish are so popular!

In addition to the 477.6 million native speakers, there are 73.7 million people who have some knowledge of Spanish, and another 21.2 million who study Spanish as a foreign language, which gives a total of 572.6 million people!!!!

To be fair, we are not including those celebrities whose mother tongue is Spanish (for example, Sofía Vergara or Salma Hayek).

1. Freddie Highmore

El actor británico (the British actor) Freddie Highmore starred as Norman Bates in the drama-thriller series Bates Motel. He is also famous for playing Dr. Shaun Murphy in the drama series The Good Doctor

He studied Spanish (and Arabic) in university. ¡Su español es maravilloso! (His Spanish is amazing!)

2. Lupita Nyong’o 

La hermosa y talentosa Lupita (the beautiful and talented Lupita) was born in Mexico City, but she didn’t learn Spanish as a child, she only learned as a teenager.

She is  known for her role en la película (in the movie) 12 Years a Slave and for her role as spy Nakia in the Marvel Universe movie Black Panther. ¡Wakanda por siempre! (Wakanda forever!)

Since Lupita Nyong´o nació en la Ciudad de México (was born in Mexico City), she has a very Mexican name, Lupita, which is short for Guadalupe, un nombre muy popular en México (a very popular name in Mexico). 

She speaks español con un acento mexicano (with a Mexican accent) y es fantástica (and she is fantastic!) 

3. Gwyneth Paltrow 

Also part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and an amazing Spanish Speaker, ¡Gwyneth Paltrow habla español con acento de España! (Gwyneth Paltrow speaks Spanish with a Spaniard accent!) 

The star of Shakespeare in Love spent a semester living in Spain as an exchange student. ¡Con razón (no wonder) her Spanish es tan bueno (is so good).

4. Ben Affleck

The worst Batman ever! Sorry, ¡se tenía que decir y se dijo! (It had to be said and it was said!)

Ben Affleck learned Spanish as teenager living in Mexico, that’s why when he speaks tiene mucho de mexicano en él (he’s got a lot of Mexican in him).

5. Tom Hiddleston 

¿Hablar español (speaking Spanish) is a pre-requirement for being hired for a movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It seems like it is… porque el último de nuestra lista (because the last one on our list), Tom Hiddleston, plays Loki, the villain of the Thor movies AND his Spanish is quite good!

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¡Muy bien! Now you know which famous people speak el mejor español (the best Spanish) in Hollywood! Do you agree with me? Am I missing someone?

Will Smith also speaks Spanish. But how good is he? Check out Mariana’s video where she reacts to Will Smith’s Spanish. Such a good vide I 100% recommend it. Check it out! 

And if you’d like us to analyze anyone’s Spanish in more detail, like we did with Will Smith’s Spanish, let us know in the comments!

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