All the Spanish you need at the gym (ft. AndyGM): vocabulary of gym in Spanish

All the SPANISH you need at the GYM (ft. @AndyGMenBerlin )

Actor 1
¡Hola! ¿Está bien si alternamos?
(Hello! Is it ok if we take turns?)

Actor 2
What? No, it’s my phone .
(¿Qué? No, es mi teléfono.)

Actor 1
¿Que si alternamos?
(Can we take turns?)

Actor 2

Hello dears! Welcome to Spring Spanish! I’m Paulísima and today we’re going to the gym to learn every vocabulary about gym in Spanish.

1. Gym vocabulary in Spanish – Cardio y lockers (Cardio and lockers)

Actor 1
Hola, buenas tardes. Estoy pensando en inscribirme. ¿Me podría mostrar las instalaciones?
(I’m thinking about enrolling. Could you show me the facilities?)

Actor 2
Claro que sí. Pase.
(Of course. Come this way.)

Actor 2
Mire, aquí tenemos el área de cardio. Tenemos bicicletas fijas, elípticas, caminadoras, máquinas de remo y stepper.
(Look, here we have the cardio area. We have stationary bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machines, and stepper.)

Actor 1
Ah, ok, muchas gracias. ¿Hay lockers?
(Ah, ok, thank you very much. Are there lockers?)

Actor 2
Sí, claro. Mire, tenemos dos tipos de lockers. Unos muy pequeños, sólo para valores. Para usarlos necesitas una moneda de cinco pesos.
(Yes, of course. Look, we have 2 types of lockers. Very small ones, only for valuables. To use them you need a coin of $5.)

Actor 1
Perdón, ¿a qué se refiere con valores?
(Excuse me, what do you mean by valuables?)

Actor 2
Por ejemplo, su billetera, su celular, objetos valiosos pero pequeños.
(For example, your wallet, your cellphone, valuable but small objects.)

Actor 1
Ah, ya entendí. ¿Pero también tiene lockers normales?
(Oh, I understand now. But you also have regular lockers?)

Actor 2
Sí, para esos hay que traer su propio candado. No puede dejar nada dentro de un día para otro. Los vaciamos todos los días.
(Yes, for those you have to bring your own lock. You can’t leave anything overnight. We empty them every day.)

Actor 2
Y también en el baños hay lockers.
(There are also lockers in the bathrooms.)

That was a lot! Let’s see everything from a closer look.

  • Área de cardio (Cardio area): Cardio is the same word, but pronounced differently. Check out Mariana’s video about the alphabet and pronunciation here.
  • We have stationary bikes (bicicletas fijas),ellipticals (elípticas), treadmills (caminadoras), rowing machines (máquinas de remo), and steppers (stepper).

I suggest learning a whole chunk, instead of isolated words. For example:

  • Mi máquina favorita de cardio es ______. (My favorite cardio machine is _____.)
  • Mi máquina favorita de cardio es la elíptica. (My favorite cardio machine is the elliptical.)

And in case you didn’t know, chunks are phrases or word combination that native Spanish speakers use all the time. Get a free copy of our essential Spanish chunking kit in the link in the description.

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Let’s continue.

  • ¿También tiene lockers normales? (Do you also have regular lockers?)

In Mexico we use a lot of anglicisms. Here you have to remember that we use the English word but we pronounce it as it was Spanish. Lockers.

2. What you need when you enter the gym in Spanish country – Horarios (Schedules)

Actor 1
Ok, ¿en qué horario se llena más el gym?
(Ok, at what time does the gym get the most crowded?)

Actor 2
Muy temprano por la mañana, entre siete y ocho. De nuevo se llena a la hora de la comida, entre una y tres, y por último, entre las seis de la tarde y las ocho de la noche.
(Very early in the morning, between 7 and 8. It gets crowded again at lunchtime, between 1 and 3, and finally, between 6 in the evening and 8 at night.)

Actor 1
Ok. ¿Hay clases?
(Ok. Are there classes?)

Actor 2
Sí, tenemos algunas clases. Por ejemplo, tenemos yoga y spinning. Aquí puede consultar el horario y también está disponible en la página del gimnasio.
(Yes, we have some classes. For example, we have yoga and spinning. You can check the schedule here, and it’s also available on the gym’s website.)

Actor 1
¿Me tengo que registrar para cada clase?
(Do I need to register for each class?)

Actor 2
No es necesario. Sólo tiene que presentarse cinco minutos antes de que empiece.
(It’s not necessary. You just have to show up 5 minutes before it starts.)

Actor 1
Ok, ya veo.
(Ok, I see.)

How’s it going? Is it all clear? I’m making this lesson because it was suggested to us by one of the members of the Spring Spanish Inner Circle. See?

gym in spanish recommended by a learner

Among the many activities you can do there, you get to practice your Spanish with me. Let’s continue the walk through the gym.

3. Spanish vocabulary examples in the gym: Peso libre y pedir ayuda (Free weight and asking for help)

Actor 2
De este lado tenemos el área de peso libre. En esta sucursal tenemos mancuernas, discos, pesas rusas y barras. No en todas las sucursales tenemos el mismo equipo.
(On this side we have the free weight area. At this branch we have dumbbells, plates, kettlebells, and bars. We don’t have the same equipment at all branches.)

Actor 1

Actor 2
Le pedimos a todos los clientes que por favor regresen el equipo a su lugar después de utilizarlo.
(We ask all clients to please return the equipment to its place after using it.)
También contamos con áreas de sanitización. Les pedimos que al terminar de usar el equipo lo saniticen. Tenemos estas toallas que se pueden rehidratar con esta solución sanitizante.
(We also have sanitization areas. We ask that you sanitize the equipment after using it. We have these towels that can be rehydrated with this sanitizing solution.)

Actor 1
Ok, ok.
(Ok, ok.)

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Weights (pesas)
  • Discs (discos)
  • Bars (barras)
  • Dumbbells (pesas rusas)

Actor 1
Ok. ¿Y si necesito ayuda para usar el equipo?
(Ok. What if I need help with the equipment?)

Actor 2
En todo momento contamos con personal que le puede ayudar. Cada máquina tiene un botón. Si necesita ayuda, toque el botón y alguien vendrá a ayudarlo en unos minutos.
(At all times, we have staff who can help you. Each machine has a button. If you need help, press the button, and someone will come to help you in a few minutes.)

Actor 1
Bueno, muchas gracias, sí me voy a inscribir.
(Well, thank you very much, I will sign up.)

Actor 2
Excelente. Pase a la oficina para hacer el papeleo.
(Excellent. Go to the office to fill out the paperwork.)

4. Hablar español en el gimnasio (Speak Spanish at the gym) – Examples of everything from AndyGM

Now let’s use our Spanish at the gym! But before, a brief cultural note:

Even if in Mexico and Latin America we are quite friendly.. As a general rule, we don’t talk much to other people at the gym.

But you know what? Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe I’m doing it all wrong. Because I know for a fact that a lot of people do make friends at the gym.

Let’s ask our favorite Spanish girl what she thinks about gym interactions! Andy, you’re on!

Hello my dear Mexican beauty and hello everyone.

Yo soy Andy del canal de AndyGM en Berlín y me alegra mucho que me hagas esta pregunta.Lo primero porque estaba.. estoy como a puntito de irme al gimnasio y yo tengo dos experiencias una muy similar a la tuya y otra completamente distinta.
(I’m Andy from the AndyGM channel in Berlin and I’m really glad you asked me this question. First of all because I’m about to go to the gym and I have two experiences, one very similar to yours and the other completely different.)

If you want to hear Andy’s full answer, you’re going to have to watch the full video! 😉

So I would recommend that you go and talk to somebody. And who knows ? You can have your best friend there and you don’t know it yet. So good luck to you and train hard.

The following conversations are replicas of dialogues that I have had at the gym.

Actor 1
Disculpa, ¿podríamos alternar?
(Excuse me, could we take turns?)

Actor 2
Sí, claro. Después de esta serie.
(Yes, of course. After this set.)

Actor 1
Disculpa, ¿podríamos alternar?
(Excuse me, could we take turns?)

Actor 2
De hecho, ya estoy alternando con alguien. Ahorita viene.
(Actually, I’m already taking turns with someone. They’ll be here in a moment.)

Actor 1
Disculpa, ¿me podrías ayudar a usar esta máquina? No sé cómo cambiarle el peso.
(Excuse me, could you help me use this machine? I don’t know how to change the weight.)

Actor 2
Sí, claro, mira, es aquí. ¿Cuánto peso necesitas?
(Yes, of course, look, it’s here. How much weight do you need?)

Actor 1
Cien libras está bien.
(100 pounds is fine.)

Actor 1
Disculpa, estoy esperando que empiece la clase de yoga, pero ya son las ocho cinco y decía que empezaba a las ocho.
(Excuse me, I’m waiting for the yoga class to start, but it’s already 8:05 and it was supposed to start at 8.)

Actor 2
Permíteme tantito.
(Give me a moment.)
¿Sabes qué? Se va a cancelar la clase, tuvo un problema el maestro.
(You know what? The class is canceled, the teacher had a problem.)

Actor 1
Ah, bueno, gracias.
(Oh, ok, thank you.)

Actor 1
Disculpa, ¿ya terminaste de usar la pesa de dos kilos?
(Excuse me, have you finished using the 2 kilo weight?)

Actor 2
Sí, ya. Te la puedes llevar.
(Yes, I have. You can take it.)

Actor 1
¿Y la otra?
(And the other one?)

Actor 2
No, esa todavía no. Pero creo hay más por allá.
(No, I’m still using that one. But I think there are more over there.)

You’ve learned so much! Now you’re ready to continue with the next lesson where we explore Spanish to talk about sports!

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