Flirting in Spanish: 5 Amazing Ways to Flirt in Spanish (Examples)

STOP Saying “Hola Guapa”, say THIS Instead (FLIRTING in Spanish)

Thinking about approaching a Mexican girl by saying “¡Hola, guapa!“? Well, think twice!

If you don’t want a language barrier to ruin your chances of finding true love, you are in the right place! I will teach you five phrases you should use to up your flirt in Spanish. I’ve kept it classy, simple, fun, and gender neutral!

1. ¡Qué bien te queda! (That looks great on you!)

This phrase could be translated as “that looks great on you”. 

  • ¡Qué bien te queda esa falda! (How great that skirt suits you!)
  • ¡Qué bien te queda ese saco! (How great that jacket suits you!)
  • ¡Qué bien te queda ese color! (How great that color suits you!)  

2. Tienes una voz / sonrisa muy bonita. (You have such a beautiful voice/smile.)

This phrase may be translated as “You have such a beautiful voice” or “You have such a beautiful smile”. Complimenting the voice or the smile of a person is always a nice classy little touch.

You can also say: 

  • ¡Qué bonita sonrisa tienes! (What a pretty smile!)
  • ¡Qué bonita voz tienes! (What a nice voice!)

You might want to refresh your language of love, so check out Cory’s video on just exactly that!

3. ¿Me permites invitarte algo?  (Can I get you something?)

This question may be translated as “Would you allow me to get you anything?” It is like a better version of: “Can I get you a drink?”

Me permites is a good chunk to learn because you can also use it in another context to say: “Excuse me”.

So, “Me permites invitarte algo” or “¿Puedo invitarte algo?” (Can I get you something?) are phrases that exude flirtatious energy AND when combined with the fact that you would be trying to speak another language… Oh, my God! Definitely cute and irresistible! 😍

4. Me gusta mucho tu estilo. (I really like your style.)

This sentence may be translated as “I really like your style!” C’mon! Who wouldn’t love to be complimented on their style?

I love this phrase because it is general and yet, depending on how it is uttered, it can feel muy personal (very personal). It may also refer to one’s fashion sense and personality, which is always a good way to empezar una conversación (start a conversation) with a beautiful human being. 

5. Me encantaría verte de nuevo. ¿Qué opinas?  (I would love to see you again. What do you think?)

This means “I would love to see you again. What do you think?” Now, we would say this assuming all the previous ones worked! 

Learn “Me encantaría” (I’d love to!) as a chunk of Spanish. It can be very useful in a variety of ways. 

  • ¿Quieres ir al cine? (Do you want to go to the movies?)
    • ¡Me encantaría! (I’d love to!)
  • Me encantaría una cerveza. (I’d love to have a beer.) 

So if you were lucky and that special person is into you as well…

…when you say: “Me encantaría verte de nuevo. ¿Qué opinas?

They will respond: ¡A mi también! (Me too!) 🤩

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¡Muy bien! Now you know five phrases that will make you sound charming and classy when you are pursuing the attention of that gorgeous Spanish speaker of your dreams! 

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