All the GERMAN AIRPORT Vocabulary you need

All the GERMAN AIRPORT Vocabulary you need

Sie dürfen sich nun abschnallen. Willkommen in Deutschland!
(You may now unfasten your seatbelt. Welcome to Germany!)

When visiting Germany, you will certainly have to go through a German airport. What do you need to know about it? Ich bin Denisa von Spring German. Let’s find out in this video! Los geht’s!

1. Die Passkontrolle (Immigration)

When you arrive in Germany, you will have to go through immigration, where an officer will check your passport and possibly ask you a few questions about the purpose of your visit.

Willkommen in Deutschland. Einmal Ihren Pass bitte.
(Welcome to Germany. Your passport please.)

Danke. Hier, bitte.
(Thank you. Here it is.)

Wie lange werden Sie in Deutschland bleiben?
(How long will you stay in Germany?)

Eine Woche.
(1 week.)

Alles klar. Einen schönen Urlaub noch.
(Alright. I wish you a pleasant vacation.)

Helpful chunks are:

  • Ihren Pass bitte. (Your passport please.)
  • Wie lange werden Sie in Deutschland bleiben? (How long are you planning to stay in Germany?)
  • eine Woche / Zwei Wochen / einen Monat (one week / two weeks / one month)

After you collect your luggage, you will go through customs, where officers may inspect your belongings to ensure you are not bringing in prohibited items. Danach geht dein Urlaub richtig los! (After that, your vacation really starts!) Let’s talk about the transportation options.

2. Ein Taxi oder den Bus nehmen (Taking the taxi or bus)

German airports have various transportation options available, such as

  • Taxis (taxis)
  • Busse (buses)
  • Züge und (trains and)
  • Mietautos (rental cars).

You can go to a Taxistand (taxi stand) or a Bushaltestelle (bus stop) to go to your hotel.

Guten Tag. Einmal zum Hotel „Gold“ bitte. Wie lange wird es dauern?
(Good afternoon. To the hotel “Gold” please. How long will it take?)

Gerne. Wir brauchen zwanzig Minuten bis zum Hotel.
(With pleasure. We will need 20 minutes to the hotel.)

Perfekt. Wieviel kostet es?
(Perfect. How much is it?)

Von hier bis zum Hotel kostet es ungefähr fünfundvierzig Euro.
(From here to the airport, it’s about 45 euros.)

Taking the taxi is expensive, so if you want a cheaper option, nimm den Bus (take the bus.)

Chunk alert!

Wieviel kostet es? (How much is it?) is a chunk you can memorize when visiting Germany. This phrase is commonly used when asking about the price of a product. You can ask, for example:

  • Wieviel kostet das Buch? (How much is the book?)
  • Wieviel kostet der Flug nach Berlin? (How much is the flight to Berlin?)
  • Wieviel kostet der Kaffee? (How much is the coffee?)

For more helpful chunks like this, check our free essential German chunking kit. The link is in the description.

Other helpful chunks for taking the taxi or bus are:

  • Ich möchte gern ein Taxi bestellen. (I would like to order a taxi.)
  • Zum Hotel bitte. (To the hotel, please.)
  • Wie lange wird es dauern? (How long will it take?)

When arriving in Germany, whether it’s München, Berlin, Frankfurt (Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt) or another city, you can choose a lot of possible activities for your trip. You can, of course, look for them online, but if you want, feel free to ask the reception in your hotel for some tips. Sie sind dir gerne behilflich. (They are pleased to help you.)

If you want to learn more about arriving at a German hotel, check this video here.

3. Ankunft am Flughafen (Arriving at the airport)

After your vacation you will probably drive back to the airport with a taxi.

So da sind wir. Das macht dann einundvierzig Euro.
(Now there we are. It’s 41 euros.)

Vielen Dank. Hier das Geld. Machen Sie fünfundvierzig Euro.
(Thank you very much. Here’s the money. Let’s do 45 euros.)

Vielen Dank. Eine gute Reise!
(Thanks. I wish you a good journey!)

What I just did here, is: Trinkgeld geben (to give a tip). Literally, this means “giving drinking money”.

When you are arriving at the airport, you need to make sure that you have your Pass und Tickets (passport and tickets) ready. You can also have an e-ticket on your phone, of course. You have to also go to the Gepäckabgabe (baggage drop off).

Guten Tag. Haben Sie ein Gepäckstück aufzugeben?
(Good afternoon. Do you have any luggage to check in?)

Ja. Ich fliege um 10:30 Uhr nach Berlin. Kommt der Flug rechtzeitig an?
(Yes. I’m flying to Berlin at 10:30 a.m. Is the flight on time?)

Der Flug ist leider verspätet, voraussichtlich um dreißig Minuten.
(Unfortunately, the flight is delayed, approximately by thirty minutes.)

Oh, man. Okay, dafür können Sie nichts. Hier, meine Reisedokumente.
(Oh man. Alright, it’s not your fault. Here, my travel documents.)

Important chunks are:

  • Ich habe Gepäck aufzugeben. (I have luggage to check in.)
  • Kommt der Flug rechtzeitig an? (Is the flight on time?)
  • Der Flug ist verspätet. (The flight is delayed.)

4. Sicherheitskontrolle (Security check)

Haben Sie irgendwelche großen elektronischen Geräte bei sich, wie ein Laptop oder ein Tablet? Haben Sie irgendwelche Flüssigkeiten bei sich?
(Do you have any large electronic devices with you, like a laptop or tablet? Do you have any liquids with you?)

Oh, stimmt. Hier.
(Oh, yes. Here.)

Gut. Schmuck und Gürtel haben Sie ausgezogen. Jetzt dürfen Sie durch.
(Good. You have taken off your jewelry and belt. Now you can go through.)


Sicherheitskontrolle (security check) is the German word for security check. Here you have to stand in line until it’s your turn. Then you put all your large elektronischen Geräte (electric devices) out of your bag. Also, you need to put deinen Gürtel und deinen Schmuck (your belt and your jewelry) in a bin that goes through the scanner.

Same as in other countries, you have to put away your liquids if they contain more than 1 liter. Only liquids of no more than 100 ml each and 1 liter in total are permitted. These include:

  • Lotionen (lotions)
  • Zahnpasta (toothpaste)
  • Shampoo (shampoo)

Important chunks for the Sicherheitskontrolle (security check) are:

  • Haben Sie irgendwelche Flüssigkeiten bei sich? (Do you have any liquids with you?)
  • Schmuck und Gürtel bitte ausziehen. (Please take off your jewelry and belt.)
  • Sie dürfen jetzt durch. (You can go through.)
  • Sometimes you even have to take off your shoes. These you will have to put in a bin for the scanner too. In that case, the security will tell you: Ziehen Sie bitte Ihre Schuhe aus. (Please take off your shoes.)

5. Boarding

Gate is Flugsteig (Gate) in German, while Gate is also commonly used. But what about boarding or boarding pass?

Das Boarding beginnt.
(Boarding is starting.)

Ihr Ticket bitte.
(Your ticket please.)


Und Ihren Pass brauch ich noch.
(I need your pass too.)

Natürlich. Bitte schön.
(Of course. Here.)

Danke. Ich wünsche einen schönen Flug.
(Thanks. I wish you a pleasant flight.)

Vielen Dank.
(Thank you very much.)

Letzter Aufruf für das Boarding des Fluges SG1234 nach Berlin.
(Final boarding call for flight SG1234 to Berlin.)

Boarding is also the same in German, while we call the boarding pass Ticket (ticket). Also, passport is only Pass (passport) in German.

Helpful chunks for boarding are:

  • Das Boarding beginnt. (Boarding is starting.)
  • Ihr Ticket und Ihren Pass bitte. (Your ticket and your passport, please.)
  • Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Flug. (I wish you a pleasant flight.)

So now you arrived at your next hotel in Berlin, but how do you check in? Find out in the next video here. See you there!

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