Weird Expedition in Mexico: Discover ANIMAL VOCABULARY in Spanish!

Weird Expedition in Mexico: Discover ANIMAL VOCABULARY in Spanish! 🙈

In this article, we are going on a quest for animales (animals)!

Pet animals

The following are some animales (animals) people usually have as mascotas (pets).

Yo soy amante de los perros (I am a dog lover), así que no tengo gatos (so I do not have cats). However, yo creo que un gato es un gran compañero (I think a cat is a great companion). Instead, yo tengo un pájaro (I have a bird).

Other people prefer other sorts of pets: un conejo (a rabbit), un pez (a fish) or even reptiles (reptiles) like una serpiente (a snake), una lagartija (a lizard) or un camaleón (a chameleon).

So, the following are pet animals:

  • El perro (the dog)
  • El gato (the cat)
  • El pajarito (the little bird)
  • El loro (the parrot)
  • El perico (the parakeet)
  • El conejo (the rabbit)
  • El pez (the fish)
  • Los reptiles (the reptiles)
  • La serpiente (the snake)
  • La lagartija (the lizard)
  • El camaleón (the chameleon)

Do you have any animales como mascotas (animals as pets) at home? Tell me in the comments below how many and which kind of animals do you have. In my case, yo tengo trece perros y un perico (I have 13 dogs and 1 parakeet). You may use the chunk “Yo tengo” to start your phrase.

Farm animals

If you visit a farm, you will surely see some or most of these animals:

  • El cerdo (the pig)
  • El caballo (the horse)
  • La gallina (the hen)
  • El pollo or pollito (the chicken or little chicken)
  • El gallo (the rooster)
  • La vaca (the cow)
  • El toro (the bull)
  • El borrego (the lamb)
  • La oveja (the sheep)
  • El ganso (the goose)
  • El pavo (the turkey)

Wild animals

By the way, I love to travel a LOT and I know that in the US you also have some animales salvajes (wild animals).

The most popular ones are: el lobo (the wolf), el gato montés (the wildcat), la ardilla (the squirrel) and el mapache (the racoon).

In the zoo you are also able to see wild animals, such as:

  • El león (the lion), el rey de la selva (the king of the jungle)
  • El mono (the monkey)
  • El oso panda (the panda bear)
  • El venado (the deer)
  • La jirafa (the giraffe)


You may use the chunks:

  • Yo tengo _______ (I have)
  • Mi animal favorito es _________ (my favorite animal is)

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