Introducing Conversation Based Chunking: 4 Steps to Spanish Fluency

This is it!

You're almost ready to start discovering and imprinting Spanish chunks on your brain… 

And use them immediately in conversations…

Using a simple 4-step method called…

Conversation Based Chunking!

Nobody is teaching Spanish this way… Because we developed the method ourselves.

That's also why our students get such amazing results.

Just like you will now!

To make it easy for you, we made all four steps start with the letter I.

(And if you do it well, you can add a fifth I: “Impress native speakers with your amazing Spanish skills”!)

In a Nutshell Here's How Conversation Based Chunking Works

Conversation Based Chunking in a Nutshell

1. To know what Spanish looks (and sounds like), you need TONS of INPUT

The more you listen to other people speaking Spanish, the more your brain will absorb the language and recognize patterns.

If you do this enough, ultimately your brain will know how the language works…

And you’ll be able to use correct, natural sentences yourself. Now, of course, you can speed up this process by actively trying to learn grammar/grammatical structures (we make students do that in our courses too).

But your real Spanish skills come from one thing, and one thing only: REPEATED EXPOSURE TO PEOPLE SPEAKING SPANISH (and, to a lesser extent, reading written Spanish).

2. In everything you read or hear, you IDENTIFY chunks.

Chunks are fixed word combinations/phrases (or patterns, as we called them before) that you hear native speakers use and that you might understand already (with some help from a translation maybe), but where you think:

“Oh, THAT’s how a native speaker would say it! I knew these words, but I would’ve never been able to say this myself with my knowledge of Spanish words and grammar!”

For example, you might hear someone say

La semana pasada empecé a aprender español”

(That means: “Last week I started learning Spanish.”)

So apparently, “last week” in Spanish is “la semana pasada”.

Literally: “the week last”. But you know already you can't translate word-for-word like that… That's exactly why you're learning chunks 😉

Congratulations! You've just discovered the chunk “la semana pasada”.

The more you actively look for chunks like this, the easier it’ll be for your brain to recognize them, pick them up, and ultimately use them yourself.

Especially if you…

3. Make an active effort to Imprint chunks on your brain

For extra speed (and to be able to speak Spanish more quickly), after you’ve identified chunks, we recommend you make an active effort to MEMORIZE them (or IMPRINT).

Important here: don’t memorize single words, always memorize the chunks we mentioned before! Ideally you learn them with flashcards like this:

(The whole sentence means: Last week I started learning Spanish)

So after you've imprinted chunks on your brain, you're ready to…

4. Implement… and have fluent Spanish roll off your tongue

If you’ve taken all the previous steps seriously, then you’re now ready to IMPLEMENT and speak Spanish yourself! AND you’ll have avoided turning into a fossil 😉

You’ll understand native speakers more easily, since you’ve been listening to so much Spanish.

You’ll speak in a more natural way, like native speakers do, because you focus on memorizing chunks (the patterns/phrases native speakers use).

You’re also not translating in your head that much anymore!

Yep, you're now ready to start Impressing Spanish native speakers with your natural-sounding chunks and sentences!

So… Ready to Put This Into Practice And Have Fluent Spanish Sentences Roll Off The Tongue?

Is that something YOU'd like to experience too?

Very well.

Many of our students say they “started seeing chunks EVERYWHERE”!

But here's the thing:

So far, you've discovered some chunks. But your knowledge is still mainly theoretical.

And the best way to feel the power of chunking… Is by doing it yourself!

So I'd love to demonstrate Conversation Based Chunking and actually teach you some Spanish from a real Spanish conversation.

You'll listen to a dialogue…

Discover chunks…

I'll give you flashcards you can use to imprint these chunks…

And then I'll send you out in the real world, to use these chunks in conversations with Spanish native speakers, and feel the Spanish sentences just roll off the tongue.

Just click the button below to watch it now 🙂

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PS: Once again: nobody teaches Spanish this way… Because nobody has ever made the effort to sift through all the research, develop a methodology like this and turn it into an easy-to-understand process.

But we did.

And now you stand to benefit…

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