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Spanish Spoken Here.

You Will Too, When You Try Out The Spring Spanish Inner Circle. 

Get pdf transcripts and flashcard decks with the chunks for all our 150+ YouTube lessons, live classes with the Spring Spanish teachers, and decide together with us which videos we publish on our Youtube channel! The best way to make the most out of our lessons and use them to get fluent in Spanish.

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Fellow Spanish enthusiast:

There are many ways to get to know the Latin culture.

There’s eating the delicious food, or sipping from a tequila, mezcal or nice Chilean wine. 

There’s absorbing the passion and drama while watching Latin telenovelas, or feeling the rhythm while listening or dancing to Latin music (possibly without really understanding the lyrics).


And then there’s the big one: mastering the Spanish language …


Something the great king Charlemagne (called “Father of Europe” for uniting most of Western Europe and its patchwork of people and languages in the 8th century, but also famously passionate for language learning–he could speak at least 4!) described as “acquiring a second soul”.

“Tener otro idioma es poseer una segunda alma.”

To speak another language is to possess a second soul.


The Unparalleled Passion and Thrill of Speaking Spanish and Acquiring a Second Soul

If the hairs on your neck tingle at the thought of speaking fluent Spanish with the locals…

Understanding the waiter at a local restaurant… 

And seeing the delight in his eyes and the impressed faces of the other restaurant guests as you proudly order food and drinks for the whole table in Spanish

Making new friends while discovering another culture…

…And maybe even find the most interesting, passionate love you’ve ever felt in life (not to mention making a good impression on the in-laws with your Spanish skills)…


Then you share Charlemagne’s passion for mastering a foreign language.


I know I do (I'm Lukas, by the way, Spring Spanish co-founder. ¡Mucho gusto!). 

Just like Gabriel, the other co-founder. Our mother tongues are respectively Dutch and German, but we’ve both learned Spanish (and 4 other languages) because…

In a world of increasing distrust and fear of the unknown, where people erect walls around their country to keep the “foreign freeloaders out”, learning Spanish is at once an endless source of delight and a perfect remedy against ignorance and closed-mindedness.

Because in our globalized, multicultural world, we DO believe speaking the tongue of our neighbors, some of our fellow countrymen and fellow world citizens expands our world view, makes us more tolerant. And as Nelson Mandela said, help us “speak to the heart”.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela

Lukas Van Vyve, Gabriel Gelman. Spring Languages co-founders, polyglots and bitten by the “Charlemagne Language Passion”

Learning and Speaking Spanish Is a Way of Life

Despite the efforts it requires to learn Spanish, the stammering, the fear of mistakes and the frequent failures I’ve encountered (and you will too)…

There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment and enlightenment when you suddenly understand a conversation in Spanish at the in-laws dinner table, the restaurant, the meeting room with your colleagues or even just in your favorite telenovela…that had always been gibberish to you.

And then–being able to participate in these conversations, make friends, deep connections, really understand each other…

It's magical. A whole new world that has always been hidden from your ears and heart opens up to you. Isn't that a wonderful feeling?

The best part: once the Spanish-speaking world has opened its doors, there’s no going back. Nobody can take that from you anymore.

So yes, learning Spanish is a passion. A way of life. An addiction.

And like I said, I’ve got it bad. And so do all of us here at Spring Spanish.

We at Spring Spanish, just like you, fell in love with the Spanish language and Latin culture.

That’s why we spent years coming up with a proprietary method called Conversation Based Chunking™ to learn Spanish in a way that allows you to have fluent Spanish sentences roll off the tongue in conversations (without memorizing word lists and grammar rules-without even thinking about grammar while speaking).

They key to speaking fluent Spanish: Conversation Based Chunking

That’s why we publish 5 free Spanish Videos Lessons about language and culture every week on our social media accounts, and host intensive language courses in our private Spring Spanish Academy.

100+ free Spanish lessons posted on YouTube already! Sharing our passion for the Spanish Language 🙂

And that’s why we started the Spring Spanish Inner Circle: A place for you to use our free Spanish lessons to the fullest, get to know your teachers on a more intimate level, and share your passion with other Spanish enthusiasts, so you stay on track and are motivated every day to work on your Spanish.

The Spring Spanish Inner Circle: Feels Like Coming Home

If you've got the “Charlemagne Language Passion” for Spanish, then the Spring Spanish Inner Circle will feel like coming home to you.

Because here’s the thing:

“When we’re not learning Spanish or other languages ourselves… tinkering… coming up with new and better ways to understand native speakers, master the verb conjugations, word gender,…

To imprint the Spanish sentence structure on our brains, so we have Spanish roll off the tongue in conversations—we’re sharing our insights in the Inner Circle.

“When we’re not having one of our private team discussions with the YouTubers about new teaching methods and also the more boring business sides — we’re all gathering and relaxing in the Inner Circle with other Members to share our love for the Spanish language and Latin-American culture.”

“When we come up with ways to enhance our video lessons with upgrades that multiply how effective they are at making you speak Spanish, but that are impossible to publish on social media platforms — like flashcards, exercises,… — we share them first (and sometimes only) with our Inner Circle Members.”

And when we want to come up with new ideas for videos to create… The most pressing grammar topics YOU might be struggling with…

Videos about the most delicious Mexican street food, or the best places to visit in Latin-America, best practices and acceptable conversation topics at the dinner table with the in-laws, cultural differences and rules you should know to avoid making a fool of yourself— We ask the Inner Circle Members what THEY need help with. And then we make videos about these topics… dedicated to you.

A sneak peek of the Inner Circle

Why Does the Spring Spanish Inner Circle Even Exist?

Why do we do all this?

Because, for us, like for Nelson Mandela, learning Spanish is a way to talk to people’s hearts.

And if Mandela’s words speak to YOUR heart too… if you’re ready to acquire a second soul and opening the door to an entirely new world… You might as well do it together, in a group of like-minded people. In a place that feels like home.

In the Inner Circle, you share the language learning expertise and passion of our Spanish YouTube teachers (and co-founders Lukas and Gabriel, both polyglots who speak 6 languages).

Apart From Everything Discussed Above, You’ll Also Get:

Does That Speak to Your Heart… Like It Does to Ours?

If so, try it out by becoming part of the Inner Circle, and get instant access to everything above for just $9.99 in your first month.

If you love it—love the camaraderie of Spanish learners and teachers trading tips, techniques, experiences, failures, funny situations and stories of a first conversation in Spanish, a love story, a promotion or a successful move to a Spanish-speaking country…

You can stay in the community as a full member, at a reduced “Founding Member” rate of just $19.99/mo… 

And as a thank-you, get a free digital version of our best-selling book on language learning: “Effortless Conversations: A Method to Understand Native Speakers and Have Fluent Sentences Roll off the Tongue in Any Language”. A $9.99 gift.

The Amazon best-selling Effortless Conversations book – Get a free copy now by becoming part of the Spring Spanish Inner Circle.


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Sound good?

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– Lukas Van Vyve, Spring Spanish co-founder

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