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Fellow Spanish enthusiast:

The fact that you're here means you're probably already familiar with our Spring Spanish videos and all our teachers.

That's great, thanks so much for learning Spanish with us!

But if you're still sometimes struggling with understanding Spanish native speakers (we know, we speak really fast…)

Or you have trouble speaking Spanish yourself in conversations without feeling clumsy, tongue-tied or translating in your head

Then what you're about to read is going to be an eye-opener. Because here's the thing:

Right now, you’re probably only using 50% of the potential the videos have to make you speak fluent Spanish… 

So on this page you're going to discover why that is the case, and I’m going to give you a technique to be able to use 100% of the Spanish you hear in our videos yourself, having it roll off the tongue in conversations with native speakers.

Best of all: that technique only takes 5 minutes a day, so everyone can do it.

After all if with just 5 extra minutes a day you’ll massively increase how much Spanish you learn from our videos, you’d take the time, right?

Here’s how you can do that.

Here's how to make the most out of our Spanish Lessons in the least amount of time

As you've probably noticed already, in our lessons, we teach Spanish through a method called Conversation Based Chunking.

As a quick recap, the idea behind it is that instead of having to think of words and grammar rules while speaking, (which often makes you stumble and translate in your head, because you just don’t know what a Spanish sentence is supposed to look like)…

You start by observing native speakers speaking Spanish in full sentences (like our teachers)…

And you identify the exact word combinations they use (chunks). Like:

  • Hola, cómo estás(Hello, how are you.)
  • Nos vemos por la tarde(We'll see each other in the afternoon.)
  • Mucho gusto(Nice to meet you.)

If you then learn such chunks, you’ll bypass grammar while speaking.

After all, if you know a chunk like “por la tarde” or “cómo estás” is correct, because you’ve heard a native speaker say it, why would you even think about prepositions, or verb conjugations anymore?

Does that make sense?

Of course it’ll still be useful to know some grammar, but having fluent Spanish sentences roll off the tongue… that’s only possible by bypassing grammar and speaking in chunks instead.

There's a lot of research into chunks, for example by Applied Linguistics PhD Gianfranco Conti:

They key to speaking fluent Spanish: Conversation Based Chunking

Now, to use Conversation Based Chunking to its fullest potential and learn Spanish with it, here are the 4 steps you need to take.

  • Step 1: Get a lot INPUT in Spanish. Listen to as much Spanish as possible, because that’s where you’re going to practice your listening comprehension and hear which chunks native speakers use… chunks you KNOW are correct. Good news: You're doing that already with our videos!
  • Step 2: IDENTIFY chunks in everything you hear. Everything that you want to be able to say yourself as well in conversations. Hey, good news: that's exactly what we do in our videos too, we highlight all the chunks!
  • Step 3: Make an active effort to IMPRINT these chunks on your brain. Don’t just listen, actually memorize them… so they're readily available when you need them in conversations…
  • Step 4: IMPLEMENT: use everything you learn while speaking Spanish in conversations.
The Full Conversation Based Chunking Method

Good news: our YouTube videos help you with step 1 and 2 already.

But chances are, you're not memorizing the chunks consistently yet… or using them consistently while speaking Spanish (if you're practicing your spoken Spanish in real life at all)

Well, if you’re NOT, you’re only getting maybe 50% of the potential of these lessons…

Because if you’d take all the chunks from our lessons, and make an active effort to imprint them on your brain…

THAT’s when they start rolling off the tongue when you're out traveling, or just speaking to your waiter, or people in your community, or anywhere you speak Spanish.

It might well be the missing link to fluency for you!

Luckily we’ve developed an easy way to memorize chunks that only takes 5-10 minutes a day, through something called Cloze Cards.

Here's how it works…

The Missing Link: How Cloze Cards make fluent Spanish sentences roll off the tongue in 5 minutes a day

Let’s say we have a video from Juan about saying goodbye in a conversation, and he mentions Chao, nos vemos (Bye, see you).

(You've now completed step 1 and 2 of Conversation Based Chunking: getting Input and Identifying chunks).

To memorize it, you now put the chunk on a flashcard within the original context where you found it. Like this:


Example of a cloze card (front)

And the answer would be…

Example of a cloze card (back)

Then you memorize it!

If you use an app like Brainscape (like we usually do with our students), you can just take 5 minutes a day to review chunks like this and learn new ones… and you’ll be imprinting them almost on autopilot!

Now, maybe you think, oh that's just a flashcard; but there are several nuances to Cloze Cards compared to normal flashcards that make them work so well to make you speak Spanish. 

The reason why Cloze Cards work so well:

  1. You're learning a chunk: a word combination that you can instantly use in a sentence without needing grammar… 
  2. The Cloze Cards we use contain native-speaker audio which helps you with pronunciation and listening comprehension
  3. And you're learning them in the context of a sentence. That's important because it gives you story, a real life connection… it helps you see yourself speaking with the chunks in actual Spanish conversations yourself.

No wonder our Spanish students using Cloze Cards say things like “even just the audio on these flashcards are worth the price of the course for me”.

Students love our Cloze Cards

Now, EVERY video lesson we publish on YouTube contains useful chunks like this… So if you'd just use Cloze Cards like this 5 minutes a day for ALL the videos we publish, imagine how much easier it becomes to speak Spanish!

Is ‘lack of time' stopping you?

Now, many of our students say “okay, I understand how it works… but I don't have time to create all these Cloze Cards… or look for the chunks in the videos… and even if I did, I don't have anyone to practice with!”

We feel your pain. It's a lot of work: typing it out, or making them physically… Maybe trying to add audio to them (where do you even find someone to record audio for that)?

Well, here's the good news:

You don't have to create your own Cloze Cards… We've done it for you!

We create decks with Cloze Cards for every single one of our lessons. All lessons we’ve created already in the past (over 200 at the time of recording this video), and all future lessons.

Thousands of chunks.

  • A chunking deck with travel chunks
  • Chunks for dating situations
  • Decks for difficult grammar topics
  • Conversation starters

And since we’re publishing a new lesson every day, every day the library is growing.

Here's how much Spanish our students learn with Cloze Cards

To put into perspective how much these chunks could help you, here’s Brian, who learned Spanish with us and imprinted 1000 chunks with Cloze Cards in 90 days and learned more Spanish in these 90 days than all of last year! 

That’s only 11 new chunks a day… easily doable in 5 minutes a day, right?

A year of studying Spanish in just 90 days... All by memorizing chunks

So how can you get your hands on these Cloze Card decks…  and practice your Spanish speaking skills with the chunks you're learning?


Easy: we’ve made them all available to all members of our Spring Spanish Inner Circle.

 The Inner Circle is our membership for Spanish students who really want to use the full potential of all our lessons to learn Spanish.

Inner Circle Members get access to:

  • ALL these cloze card decks
  • Transcripts of each lesson so you watch the video and read along to practice your listening comprehension 
  • AND speaking groups to practice speaking Spanish with teachers and fellow students, use the chunks you've memorized and feel how they roll off the tongue in fluent Spanish sentences!

Apart from everything mentioned above, in the Inner Circle you also get:

It's like having an entire Spanish Research and Lesson Production Team at Your Disposal

Again, to produce all these videos and cloze cards we spend tens of thousands of dollars each year and we're working on it with a team of over 10 people. So in the Inner Circle, you make that entire team work for you to create lessons YOU need.

I think it’s fair to say we could charge quite a lot for the results such a service can give you, considering some courses with just a tutor once a week who’s teaching with a plain old textbook could cost you up to $500 … and a university course (where you usually just get a professor and some textbooks) can cost upwards of $40k.

University Courses Spanish
University Courses

But joining our Inner Circle won't cost you nearly that much…

Now, here’s the deal. We don’t like to just talk about how we can help you learn Spanish. We like to SHOW you. To let you experience first-hand how much your Spanish will improve if you start to use the full potential of the lessons.

It won’t cost you $40k to join, or even $500/month.

You can have our whole team working for you, every day, for just $19.99/mo. That’s only 0.66$/day.

That’s it.

Get started today for just $1…

And what’s more… you can try out membership now for just $1 for 7 days.

Why would we let you try it for such a low price? Well, that way there are no more excuses standing in the way of you mastering Spanish and use it in conversations anymore!

So when you start your $1 trial, you'll get instant access to the entire Inner Circle and all the 150+ lesson resources and the live classes.

I think you’ll agree with me, with everything you’re getting, that this is an incredible deal.

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Or in 2,3, 6 months from now, anytime, whenever you want to take a break, you send us a message and we’ll instantly cancel your membership.

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Still on the edge? Here are two bonuses…

1. A copy of the Amazon best-selling book “Effortless Conversations”, written by Spring Languages co-founder Lukas Van Vyve

Spring Spanish co-founder Lukas wrote an Amazon best-selling book about Conversation Based Chunking. It's called “Effortless Conversations”.

It’s available on Amazon for $9.99 right now, but he's happy to give it to you as part of your $1 trial.

It outlines the whole process of Conversation Based Chunking, from identifying chunks to using them in conversations. 

It also contains an entire section on memory tricks that complement the flashcard strategy we gave you today. So it’ll help you make the most out of our lessons and master Spanish even faster.

Upon signing up for your trial, you'll receive a digital copy of this book right away!

The Amazon best-selling Effortless Conversations book – Get a free copy now by trying out the Inner Circle

2. “Essential Spanish Chunks” Cheat Sheets and Cloze Card Decks

To make trial membership even more of a no-brainier, we’ll also give you access to our “Essential Spanish Chunks Series”: a collection of cloze card decks for the most frequent situations most of our Spanish students end up in, like:

  • Essential Spanish chunks for travel
  • Essential Spanish chunks for dating and talking with family/in-laws
  • Essential Spanish chunks for business

We’re continuously updating this Essential Spanish Chunks series, and you’re getting access to them as a gift as well when you become an Inner Circle member now.

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