Test Your Spanish: Can you pass this TEST? 🏆

When I was in college, I used to complain about tests, but now that I have fallen for the trap of adulthood and I have to pay bills and rent… I wish life was as simple as taking a test! ¿Sienten mi dolor? (Do you feel my pain?)

Putting your Spanish to the test is a great way to feel better about how great you’ve become at it and also, a good way to identify your areas of improvement. 

Hoy vamos a poner tu español a prueba (today, we are going to test your Spanish ). Try to answer diez preguntas (10 questions)! La calificación (the grading system) is going to be like it is en las escuelas mexicanas (in Mexican schools), where the highest grade you can get es diez (is 10) and the minum passing grade es 6 (is six) 

If you get five or less, sorry, my friend, pero no pasaste (you didn’t pass). If you don’t pass, no te preocupes (don’t worry), because you can still watch all the lessons on our Youtube channel to keep improving! 

Question 1

  1. ______________ (I’m from) Estados Unidos.

Remember that we use the verb SER to talk about things that can be thought of as “permanent”, such as place of origin. The preposition is “de”, so you say “Soy de Estados Unidos, soy de Australia, soy de…

Question 2

  1. _______________ (I’m somewhat sad) un poco triste.

For things that aren’t permanent, such an emotional stage, we use the verb ESTAR

Question 3

  1. ________________(I’m 30 years old) 30 años

In Spanish people AREN’T a certain age, they HAVE it. So, la respuesta es (the answer) is TENGO.

Remember, languages work differently, so we can’t always translate literally.

Question 4

  1. ¿ __________________ (How are you), señor García? 

Remember that if you’re not on a first name basis with the person you’re talking to, you should address them formally. Therefore, the answer is ¿cómo está? instead of the informal version ¿cómo estás? 

Question 5

  1. ________________ (my brothers and sisters) son muy buena onda. 

Spanish is such a sexist language! It is! Before I get even more angry, let’s just remember that when we talk about a mixed group, we refer to it in the masculine form. So, we say mis hermanOs when we want to say my brothers and sisters. If you just refer to your sisters, you should say mis hermanAs.

Also… buena onda is slang for cool! 

Question 6

  1.  Los ________________ (are cooked in a vertical grill and are served with a chunk of pineapple) 

Tacos al pastor famously come with a little chunk of pineapple.

Speaking of chunks, remember that at the Spring Spanish Academy, we use chunks (that is, prefabricated phrases or word combinations that once you learn by heart, will ease your way into speaking Spanish like a pro). 

Ok, so, this one might not belong in a Spanish test, but a Mexican test. If you answer this question correctly, you passed as a Mexican and te felicito (I congratulate you)! 

Question 7

  1. __________ : I told you so. (literally: To you, it I told)  

Son solo tres palabras (it’s only three words), but still a powerful phrase!

Question 8

  1. ¿ _______________________(at what time) te despiertas? 

The answer is: ¿A qué hora?

This other chunk in Spanish that es muy importante (is very important!) 

  • ¿A qué hora nos vemos? (At what time should we meet?)
  • ¿A qué hora sales de trabajar? (At what time do you get out of work?)

Question 9

  1. La lasagna es ___________ (for you).

The answer is PARA TI.

Question 10

  1. En Argentina, la gente toma ____________ (People in Argentina drink…)

a) Café (coffee) b) (Tea) c) Mate (mate)

Alright, alright, I’m sure that in Argentina people drink all kinds of things, but we’re talking about something very specific about that culture. 

¿Se rinden? (Do you give up?)

¡La respuesta es mate! (The answer is mate) Although, if you chose , you were kind of right as well since mate is indeed a tea.  

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¡Muy bien! Now you’ve completed your first test here at the Spring Spanish YouTube Channel! I would love to know how well you did!

Let me know, in the comments section, how many you got right! Like I said towards the beginning, 6/10 is a passing grade… Let me know if you passed or if you failed… 

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