Can You Pass this Spanish Test (10 NEW QUESTIONS!)

Can You Pass this Spanish Test (10 NEW QUESTIONS!) ✅

¿Eres un perfeccionista? (Are you a perfectionist?) Would you like to know how good your Spanish really is?? Say no more! Cory, the examiner, is here to put your Spanish to the test!

Me ha contado un pajarito (Lit., “A little bird told me”; more idiomatically, “Rumor has it”) that you like being tested on your knowledge of Spanish or at least, many Spring Spanish students have been requesting it in the comments to our videos… y como tus deseos son órdenes (because your wish is my command), we have decided to give you another Spanish test today! 

The rules are simple: you get 10 questions about the language, culture, and some fun facts. If you get 6/10 correct answers, you pass. If you score 8/10 or up, you’re a pro! If you get a 10/10, then I applaud you, y reverencias para ti (and I bow before you)!

One more thing: For each question we have an in-depth article explaining the topic or the rules behind it. In case you’d like to read it after finishing the test, click on the relevant heading!

Pregunta # 1 (Question #1)

El ______________ se celebra el 1 de noviembre en México. (The _______ is celebrated in Mexico on November 1st.)

y la respuesta es (and the answer is): Día de los muertos (Day of the Dead)!

Pregunta #2 (Question #2)

Las películas de superhéroes ___________ mucho. (I like superhero movies a lot!)

…y la respuesta es (and the answer is): me gustan (I like)!

The verb Gustar (to like) works a bit differently in Spanish. The literal meaning of “gustar” is “to be pleasing”! So in Spanish, instead of saying “I like superhero movies”, we say “I’m pleased by superhero movies” or “superhero movies are pleasing to me”.

Pregunta #3 (Question #3)

_________ manzanas están dulces. (The apples are sweet.)

y la respuesta es (and the answer is): Las (The)!

Recuerda que en español (Remember that in Spanish) we use “el” for masculine, singular, and “la” for feminine, singular; for plural, feminine, we say “las”

Pregunta #4 (Question #4)

En esta casa ________ aire acondicionado. (In this house, there is no air conditioning.)

y la respuesta es (and the answer is): no hay (there is no)!

In Spanish, the verb “haber” (to have) can be used in its existential form to mean there is/are. In this case, there is not. 

Pregunta #5 (Question #5)

Mi primo ___________  una escuela. (My cousin works at a school.) 

y la respuesta es (and the answer is): trabaja en una escuela (works at a school)!

This is a common way to talk about your job, using the verb trabajar (to work). See the preposition en? That’s the preposition you use in Spanish to indicate where you work or what you do for a living.

Pregunta # 6 (Question #6)

¡He estado estudiando _________ las 7 de la mañana! (I’ve been studying since 7 am!)

y la respuesta es (and the answer is): desde (since)!

Desde is a preposition used as the English word “since” to express duration. 

Pregunta # 7 (Question #7)

Estoy _______ bien. (I’m very good.)

y la respuesta es (and the answer is): muy (very)! 

I bet this one was tricky, since this is often confused with the word mucho. Learn the chunk “muy bien” by heart, and you will always get it right! 

Mucho bien” will never ever be right! 

Pregunta #8 (Question #8)

Ayer _______ a la playa con mi familia. (Yesterday, I went to the beach with my family.)

y la respuesta es (and the answer is): fui (I went), which is used to talk about the verb “to go” in the past tense, in the first person singular. 

Pregunta #9 (Question #9)

Cierra _______ porque tengo frío. (Close the window because I’m cold.)

y la respuesta es (and the answer is): la ventana (the window)! 

Pregunta #10 (Question #10)

Now an easy one! 

Mi comida _________ es la mexicana. (My favorite food is Mexican food.) 

y la respuesta es (and the answer is): favorita (favorite)! 

Alright, so how many did you get right? Tell me your score in the comments! Remember, 6/10 is a passing mark, with 8/10 I’m proud of you… and if you had 10/10, you’re a real pro!

Are you ready for your next test? Paulisima’s got you covered! In her test you will have a second chance if you did not pass this one… Or if you passed, show off your Spanish skills and try to get a high score again!

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