Work with us to create and launch your language course and turn your YouTube Channel and audience into a profitable online course business!

We’ve helped several YouTubers with 100k-800k+ subscribers across their social media channels to create online courses and launch them to their audience. The result: hundreds (sometimes thousands) of paying students and multiple 6 figures in revenue.

Who is this for?

  • You have at least 50k subscribers (or 10-20k views within the first week of uploading your videos).
  • You realize that a structured online language course (compared to more arbitrary teaching videos on YouTube) is an excellent way to help those students in your audience who need more guidance and want take their language studies more seriously.
  • You’d like to create your own language courses, but the entire process looks a bit daunting, and you’d like some guidance.
  • AND/OR: You have a course, but you’ve never done a product launch before and would like some help with the whole marketing/promotion strategy that “feels good” to you and your audience.
  • You’re ready to turn your YouTube channel into a profitable online business that will give you financial freedom (and, in the long run, time freedom).

Since you’ve already built a big audience, one successful course, created and promoted in the right way, can be a huge turning point in your business and generate a life-changing amount of money.

Here’s what’s working with us looks like:

Find out what Julia from Lingster Academy (check out her YouTube channel here with over 200k subscribers) has to say about working with us:

Lera from the popular Instagram and YouTube Channel DeutschLera launched an online grammar course with our help and sold hundreds of courses in just 5 days. Here she tells about her experience:

Keith from English Speaking Success (over 1.8 million subscribers) worked with us to create and launch a new course. Find out what he thinks about our collaboration:

And here is what Learn German with Anja (800k+ subscribers) says about working with Lukas (starting at 17:00):

Here’s how we’ll help you launch your course

1. Course Creation

  • Together, we take a look at your personal goals, your audience, and what kind of course you can create that delivers meaningful results to your students.
  • We assist you in the course creation process and help you follow best practices to make sure your course is fun and easy to follow for your students.

2. Course Launch

  • We develop a full marketing strategy for a “course launch event” and a promotional period.
  • Together with you, we write video scripts you’ll use during your course launch.
  • Together with you, we write a high-converting enrollment page and emails to send to your audience during the course launch event.
  • We create a daily launch plan for you, so you know exactly what to publish and post every day and which emails to send.
  • For any challenge you encounter during the entire time we work together. We’ve created many online courses and have gone through even more online course launches, and we know it can be an emotional rollercoaster. We’ll be there to reassure you, help you through all difficult moments and make sure to stay on track. There’s a method to the madness!

We usually start with one initial project: a one-off launch of your course. We like to work on a revenue-share basis, so apart from a deposit, there are no upfront payments. After the first promotion, everyone has the chance to reevaluate the partnership and decide if we keep working together and how.

Learn more about this whole process in this podcast interview about generating 6 figures with YouTube with Lukas:

Here’s what you’ll have after working with us:

Sidenote: The proof is in the pudding. Check Julia’s video above for a real-life account of the results you can expect.

  • A fully finished, scalable online language course that can be taken by hundreds (or thousands) of students simultaneously without much extra work from you.
  • A successful course launch and your first (potentially hundreds of) paying students
  • Revenue from course sales that might well replace (and eclipse) your current yearly salary. (Pro tip: you can also use these funds to hire, say, editing help for your YouTube channel. Or student support. Even more free time for you!)
  • A marketing strategy, video scripts, email scripts and templates that you can use over and over again to enroll students in your courses! Yep, after we’ve created and launched your course together, everything we create and write for you becomes 100% yours!

For a real-life testimonial, check Julia’s video higher up on this page.

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