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First of all: download the presentation slides here:

Step 1: Listen to the Dialogue and read along on the transcript

Rosita y Daniel son buenos amigos. Ellos hablan acerca de su día favorito de la semana y de las actividades que hacen ese día.

Rosita: ¿Qué día es hoy? (1) 

Daniel: Hoy es jueves (2). ¡Ah, no! Lo siento. Hoy es viernes.

Rosita: ¡Es mi día favorito!

Daniel: ¿Por qué? (3)

Rosita: Porque me levanto (4) muy tarde y escucho (5) música por las mañanas.

Daniel: ¿A qué horas te levantas? (6)

Rosita: Me levanto a las 9 de la mañana.

Daniel: ¿Qué haces (7) los viernes?

Rosita: Los viernes estudio español por la tarde y trabajo por la noche. Y ¿tú?

Daniel: Yo me levanto muy temprano. Luego, me ducho y tomo mi desayuno.

Rosita: ¿Qué desayunas?

Daniel: Normalmente (8) como fruta y cereal.

Rosita: ¡Eres muy saludable!

Rosita and Daniel are good friends. They talk about their favorite day of the week and the activities they do on that day.

Rosita: Which day is it today? (1)

Daniel: Today is Thursday (2). Oh, no! I’m sorry. Today is Friday.

Rosita: That’s my favorite day!

Daniel: Why? (3)

Rosita: Because I get up (4) really late and I listen to (5) music in the morning.

Daniel: At what time do you get up? (6)

Rosita: I get up at 9 in the morning.

Daniel: What do you do (7) on Fridays?

Rosita: On Fridays I study Spanish in the afternoon and I work at night. And you?

Daniel: I get up very early. Later, I take a shower and I have my breakfast.

Rosita: What do you have for breakfast?

Daniel: Normally (8) I eat fruit and cereal.

Rosita: You’re very healthy!

Step 2: Download the audio, pdf with translation, lesson notes, exercises

You can download the dialogue audio AND an annotated transcript with highlighted chunks and all the lesson notes here:

Download the pdf file with highlighted chunks, grammar notes and exercises

Download the mp3 file

Step 3: Practice the lesson chunks with flashcards

We have a Brainscape flashcard deck for you that contains flashcards with chunks. You can get started with these flashcards here:

Step 4: Join us on the Spring Spanish YouTube Channel!

So, how did it go? Did you enjoy the lesson and learned some new chunks?

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