Spring Spanish Challenge

Spring Spanish Challenge: Speak Spanish Confidently in 12 Weeks... Guaranteed! Limited-Time Offer

The Spring Spanish Challenge is the only step-by-step, 12-week program that helps you have fluent Spanish sentences roll off the tongue, understand native speakers and chat away confidently in Spanish in any situation life throws at you… GUARANTEED!

No matter your level, at the end of the Challenge you'll be able to have a 15-minute conversation entirely in Spanish with one of our tutors (on a topic of your choice, however complex or basic). We guarantee it (see below for more info).

The program is powered by Conversation Based Chunking™ (speak Spanish without memorizing word lists and grammar rules) and suitable for complete beginners, upper beginners and intermediate/advanced students (we have different levels available).

When you enroll right now, here's everything you get access to…

1. Spanish Dialogue/Monologue Lesson Pack To Prepare You For Real-Life Conversations

Our Spanish teachers have created dialogues designed to show you how to speak natural Spanish, like native speakers do.

After you enroll, you get an assessment test that assigns you to a level: Nivel 1 (complete beginner), Nivel 2 (upper beginner/lower intermediate) and Nivel 3 (intermediate/advanced). (Don't worry, if you're not happy with your assessment result you can switch level!)

Then, every week for 12 weeks, you get access to 1 Unidad with lessons. These units also cover essential situations in which you'll need to be able to speak Spanish. They also cover all foundational grammar for your level (the stuff you need for certification exams)!

You get lifetime access to all materials, so even after the Challenge ends you can keep accessing them.

We also show you how to use the learning materials to extract and imprint chunks with Conversation Based Chunking™!

2. Conversation Based Chunking™ Toolkit with Premium Spanish Learning Apps & Materials

When you join the Spring Spanish Challenge, you also get free access to some of the best Spanish learning apps out there.

  • Our online Spanish platform in the Spring Spanish Academy: listen to Spanish conversations, follow along on a transcript, watch explainer videos, do quizzes. Support and chat also available.
  • Brainscape: access our pre-made audio flashcard decks with hundreds of flashcards that come with every lesson in the Spring Spanish Challenge. The flashcards help you imprint the chunks on your brain and have native-speaker audio. They're available for you to practice anywhere and anytime in a special app for your phone/tablet/computer.
  • Download/print all lessons for offline use. Practice your Spanish anytime, anywhere;

3. Lifetime access to Spring Spanish Community, Live Calls & Tutors

If you stick to this 12-Week Spanish Challenge, you'll make enormous progress. We can guarantee that. And our team will do everything to keep you on track! 

  • Weekly Group Practice Calls: our tutors will answer all your questions live, you can learn from other people's questions, and if you want, you can come on screen and practice your Spanish with us!
  • A Community with your fellow Challenge participants and Spanish tutors answering your questions. Being in a group of other passionate language learners, who are more or less at the same level, have the same interests, who go through the same struggles and victories as you do.

The best part: Learning Spanish might very well be a lifelong project for you (and a lifelong source of joy). And we want to be with you every step along the way… so you get lifetime access to the community and the group Q&A Calls! 

So even if you take a bit longer to finish the Challenge, or you just want to keep in touch with us and the other students, we'll be here for you!

You'll also get...

Enroll Now & Get These Amazing Bonuses

Bonus #1: Inevitable Language Learning Routine Masterclass

Let's be honest: sometimes we're all just lazy and don't want to do the work to get results. But if you want to speak fluent Spanish, you're going to have to USE this course. Implement. And this masterclass will make sure you do just that.

In this Masterclass, you'll set up a routine that helps you stay consistent with your study work in the Challengebut a big part of what we do in this masterclass is unlocking HIDDEN HOURS every day where you could be getting FUN INPUT in Spanish… WITHOUT having to make extra time! 

Just think about how many chunks you can discover and how much your listening comprehension will improve if you're exposed to Spanish 1 or 2 extra hours a day!

Bonus #2: Personal Progress Tracker for Spanish Success

You get a progress tracker that you can fill out daily (it only takes 1 minute), to make sure you stay on track with your Spanish chunking exercises and also get enough exposure to Spanish every day. 

And every week you can post it in the community so we, the tutors and other students can keep you accountable. It also shows your strengths and weaknesses, for example, if you're neglecting speaking or listening or another skill. AND it's a great way of taking a moment to reflect on the efforts you've made to learn Spanish and pat yourself on the back. 

(This progress tracker plays an integral part in how we GUARANTEE that you’re going to improve your Spanish with us.)

Bonus #3: Secrets From a Conference Interpreter to Imprint Spanish on Your Brain

In this masterclass, we've bundled some amazing techniques to make it easier to memorize Spanish chunks and also memorize just about anything in your life.

This masterclass is hosted by Spring Spanish co-founder Lukas, a trained conference interpreter.  You'll discover how you can implement techniques like visualization, dialogue hooks, imagery, mnemonics, memory palaces and much more to really imprint Spanish chunks on your brain.

Bonus #4: Real-Life Spanish Dialogue Scripting/Correction Service

Every week, we do a writing exercise where we ask you to script a dialogue in Spanish (with the chunks you've learned) on a certain topic (always situations that occur in everyone's life).

You submit your dialogue, which makes you actively think about using Spanish in real life… and our tutors correct everything.

What’s more: you also get to see the dialogues and corrections of all other students, so this is like a big extra library of Spanish dialogue scripts!

At the same time, this also helps you to start “imagining yourself in conversations in Spanish”. So when you end up in the “real deal” (a real conversation), you're prepared and it doesn't feel so scary anymore.

Bonus #5: Spanish Chunking Collection for Highly-Frequent Situations

We know that many of you are learning Spanish for work, or because you’re moving to a Spanish-speaking country, or because you need to be able to communicate with family your boyfriend/girlfriend, or maybe spouse, and with the in-laws.

We've created a special collection with the most important chunks you'll need to feel confident in these situations!

This Collection comes with videos from our Spring Spanish Teachers and a pdf with the most important chunks. With this collection, you can confidently go into any high-stress situation and immediately impress everyone with your native speaker chunks!

Bonus #6: Spring Spanish YouTube Inner Circle: “Ownership” in Our YouTube Channel!

When you enroll in the Challenge right now , you'll ALSO become part of the Spring Spanish YouTube Inner Circle, which gives you exclusive access to “virtual coffee dates” with our YouTubers to get to know them and practice your Spanish AND you get voting rights on which videos we create for the Spring Spanish YouTube Channel!

If you're the person who submits a video proposal that gets chosen, our teachers will even dedicate this video to you on our channel.

So if you have any questions that you'd like to get an in-depth answer to, or if you have a crazy (or fun, or interesting) idea about a topic you'd like our YouTube teachers to cover… or if you just think it's cool we'll have a video on our channel dedicated especially to you… all of that is now possible!

And even if you’re more of a “silent voter/shareholder”, you’ll still have the power to decide which videos would be useful to YOU and influence which videos we create.

Bonus #7: 12 Personal Implementation Sessions With Certified Spanish Teachers

We decided to give everyone who signs up for the Challenge now 12 Implementation Sessions with one of our in-house Spanish tutors that we’ve certified in Conversation Based Chunking™!

So every week, you get a SPEAKING class with a tutor and 1 or 2 other students (to practice actual speaking) and you put into practice all the chunks you've learned in the lessons from the Challenge so far and actually hold conversations in Spanish.

The tutor is there to help you, ask questions, give you tips to keep the conversation flowing and make sure you speak and PRACTICE as much as possible.

We don't just randomly accept any teacher here: we vet them and train them in Conversation Based Chunking™.

They know the curriculum inside out. They know how to make you use the correct chunks.

And every week YOU get to practice with them the situations/topics and chunks you've learned that week and the weeks before. And after doing that… you’ll have the confidence to chat away in Spanish on these topics with ANYONE

You're Backed By a DOUBLE Satisfaction Guarantee!

GUARANTEE #1: Unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here's the deal: We're working closely with the participants in this 12-Week Spanish Challenge to make sure we can really help them reach their language learning goals with relevant resources, coaching, support, guidance etc.

We're confident you’ll make great progress.

In any case, you get 30 days to check out the program, attend the live sessions and get started with your lessons, and if after 30 days you feel that you’re not making the progress you wanted, you let us know and you’ll get a full refund! You can even keep all the learning materials you received in the first month.

GUARANTEE #2 (Conditional) "Fluent Conversations Guarantee"

We have another, conditional guarantee, that basically guarantees you’ll get fluent in Spanish!

A way to make sure that no matter what happens, you're going to be better off after doing the Challenge than before you enroll in the Challenge today!

Here's how it works. During the Challenge:

  2. You fill out and submit a Personal Progress Tracker every day for the whole duration of the Challenge (yes, every day: we check this).
  3. You complete all the lessons in the course
  4. You come to all the group Q&A calls
  5. You complete all the writing exercises
  6. You come to all your Implementation sessions with a tutor

So basically, you take the program exactly as we designed it.

And at the end of the program… you hold a 15-minute conversation with one of our tutors… on a topic of your choice… Entirely in Spanish. 

If you’re a complete beginner, you can choose an easier topic and you’ll still make some mistakes of course. But you won’t revert to English. You’ll speak entirely in Spanish. If you’re a more advanced student, you set the bar higher and try to speak about a more complex topic that interests you in Spanish. 

You can prepare and practice these conversations during your classes with our tutors as well throughout the Challenge. The point is: proving to yourself that you can hold an entire conversation in Spanish, no matter your level.

If you've done everything exactly as described above… guess what: you'll find it easy to speak in Spanish throughout that conversation! 

And you'll think “wow, look at me now, 12 weeks later, speaking in Spanish for a whole conversation! I guess using a good method, setting myself a goal, having good support and staying consistent really pays off!”.

But if for whatever reason that I can't comprehend you do all this and you haven't made any progress in Spanish, or nobody tells you “wow, hey, your Spanish has improved!”, or you can't hold that conversation in Spanish…

  1. We'll not only give you your money back;
  2. We'll ALSO offer you 10 EXTRA, 1-on-1, 1-hour speaking sessions with one of our certified tutors, free of charge.

An intensive, individual crash course, to get you up to speed and get you speaking Spanish NO MATTER WHAT.

This guarantees you'll speak fluent Spanish (especially since you've also done 90 days of Conversation Based Chunking™ with our lessons before)!

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By signing up right now, I understand I'm taking advantage of this special Spanish training offer, including instant access to the Spring Spanish Challenge, a $100 discount and the “Shortcut to Effortless Conversations” Bonus package with 7 exclusive bonuses.

I'm also backed by a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee, and a (conditional) 90-day guarantee that makes it inevitable for me to speak Spanish with confidence.

Special Spanish Training offer: $597 $497 for the Spring Spanish Challenge, the “Shortcut to Effortless Conversations” bonus package and our DOUBLE Satisfaction Guarantee. Once you’ve entered your details on the secure order form and you're enrolled, you’ll immediately have 24/7 access to the placement test, bonuses and the Spring Spanish Community.

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