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Step 1: Listen to the Dialogue and read along on the transcript

Es el primer día de clases de Daniel. Su profesora le presenta a sus dos compañeros de clase. ¡Veamos!

Joana: ¡Hola! Buenos días (1). ¿Cómo estás? (2)
Daniel: ¡Hola! Bien, gracias.
Joana: Bienvenido a tu primer día de clases. ¿Cuál es tu nombre? (3)
Daniel: Mi nombre es Daniel.
Joana: ¿Ariel? ¿Cómo lo deletreas?
Daniel: No, es Daniel. D-A-N-I-E-L (4)
Joana: ¡Mucho gusto, Daniel! Yo soy Joana (5), tu profesora de Español. Siéntate.
Daniel: Muchas gracias.
Joana: Ellos son tus compañeros de clase. Él es Carlos, y ella es Rosita.
Daniel: ¡Hola! ¡Mucho gusto! (6)

It’s Daniel’s first day of school. His professor presents him to his classmates. Let’s take a look!

Joana: Hello! Good day (1). How are you (2)?
DanielHello! I’m fine, thanks.
JoanaWelcome to your first day of school. What’s your name? (3)
DanielMy name is Daniel.
JoanaAriel? How do you spell that?
DanielNo, it’s Daniel. D-A-N-I-E-L (4).
JoanaNice to meet you, Daniel! I am Joana (5), you’re Spanish professor. Take a seat.
Daniel: Thank you very much.
JoanaThey are your classmates. He is Carlos, and she is Rosita.
DanielHello! Nice to meet you! (6)

Have you listened to the audio several times, both with and without transcript? Then click “complete” below and go to the next page to download a transcript with highlighted chunks and check the lesson notes… 😀 ¡Vámonos! 

Step 2: Download the audio, pdf with translation, lesson notes, exercises

You can download the dialogue audio AND an annotated transcript with highlighted chunks and all the lesson notes here:

Download the pdf file with highlighted chunks, grammar notes and exercises

Download the mp3 file for Nivel 1 – Unidad 1 – Diálogo A

Step 3: Practice the lesson chunks with flashcards

We have a Brainscape flashcard deck for you that contains flashcards with chunks. You can get started with these flashcards here:

Step 4: Join us in the Spring Spanish Challenge for more lessons like this 😀

So, how did it go? Did you enjoy the lesson and learned some new chunks?

Of course, this was a very basic beginner lesson; we also have lessons at higher levels that are much longer and contain more difficult chunks, sentences,…

If you're ready to get serious about learning Spanish and want to get access to daily lessons like this in the coming 12 weeks and finally feel comfortable holding conversations in Spanish, then we invite you to join the Spring Spanish Challenge! You still get your special discount in the 5 days after you joined our training, and can find all info about the Challenge here:


If you have any other questions, just let us know! And muchas gracias, thanks so much for joining us in the Spring Spanish Training! 

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