Linguistic phenomenon, caused by traditional “words and grammar” teaching, irreversibly “fossilizes” language learners’ brains, leading to a 95% failure rate among Spanish students, leaving them tongue-tied and translating in their head… 

Here’s how to avoid Brain Fossilization and finally have fluent Spanish sentences roll off the tongue

From the desk of: Lukas Van Vyve and Gabriel Gelman, Spring Languages Co-founders (learn more about us here)

Dear Spanish enthusiast,

In today’s hyper-connected “learn Spanish on-demand” world…

A world where you have 10 Spanish learning apps on your phone that send you daily reminders to practice your Spanish not to “lose your streak”…

Where you can open YouTube or Netflix or Amazon and find enough Spanish courses and lessons to fill a lifetime…

It seems that you have EVERYTHING at your disposal to finally master the Spanish language.

No more excuse to fail.

And yet… If you’re anything like 95% of Spanish students out there (I didn’t come up with that number, linguists did; more abuot that in a second)… you can’t help but wonder:

Despite all my efforts, why is it still so difficult for ME to speak Spanish? Why am I still translating in my head… Why do I still feel so clumsy? And why does everything a native speaker says to me still sound like gibberish?
Maybe I just don’t have the “language learning gene”? Or I’m past the age to learn a foreign language? Or I just don’t have a good memory? Or maybe… it’s just impossible for me to master a foreign language?

Every frustrated Spanish student out there

Isn’t that sad?

Now, if these thoughts ever crept up on YOU, I have a question for you:

Is this something you want to feel forever while speaking Spanish? Will you let this dominate your experience while learning Spanish forever?


Muy bien, very well. Because we’re going to take care of that today… and finally help you have fluent Spanish sentences roll off the tongue 😉 

Because yes, that IS possible.

But only if you make a crucial mindset shift in the way you think about learning Spanish (or any other language for that matter).

Or let’s call it a breakthrough.

Now, if you feel skeptical about “new ways of learning a language”, I understand. It’s good to be critical!

But don’t let that stop you from getting out of your comfort zone to finally achieve your dreams of Spanish fluency.

What you did in the past to learn Spanish clearly didn’t work, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But as you read on, you’ll notice today’s mindset shift will makes total sense. You might “feel it on your skin”, as one of our students once said:

I want you to experience you the same.

And you will.

Because with what you’re going to discover today, you’re going to break free from the limiting effects of a little-known linguistic phenomenon that linguists have started paying more and more attention to.

It pops up for everyone learning a foreign language and stuffs your brain with mistakes that are ALMOST impossible to fix once they’re in there

It’s also the reason why you always feel like you’re translating in your head while speaking Spanish…

Or why you feel like you’re tongue-tied or drawing a blank, suddenly forgetting all the words and grammar you’ve worked so hard to memorize. You’ve had that happen before, right?

It’s the reason why linguists estimate 95% of people never really get to speak a foreign language fluently…

Font Sanclimens, Andrea; Reeves, Alan, dir. Challenging Fossilization : The Role of Motivation in Second Language Acquisition. 2018. 26 pag. (997 Grau en Estudis d’Anglès i de Francès

Even worse: they say it “hinders your progress, in spite of your ability, opportunity, and motivation to learn the target language“.

The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics, Carol A. Chapelle

Let that sink in.

So without this mindset shift that you’re about to experience today, EVEN WITH all the will, time and motivation in the world, even with good language learning abilities (like I believe EVERYONE HAS), you won’t speak fluent Spanish!

Dramatic, right?

Now, here’s why this brain fossilization is so widespread…

it’s almost entirely caused by the traditional ways of teaching languages through words and grammar rules that almost all language schools, courses, textbooks and even the language learning apps you’ve probably installed are using!

I call the result of this way of language learning “developing a fossil brain”.

Now, that’s not just a funny invention to make it sound cool and scary.

It’s directly related to the linguistic name of this dreaded phenomenon I’m going to explain in a second. And unfortunately it affects language learners of ALL ages (although mostly adult learners).

So I don’t want this to happen to you, I want AVOID this phenomenon from affecting you at all. 

And if it’s already affecting you (because you’ve been learning Spanish for a while already in the traditional way), I want to help you to:

  • STOP and REVERSE (and even use to your advantage) the “damage” it has done in your brain already…
  • And then give you an alternative way to learn Spanish…
  • So you can become part of the 5% of people who DO manage to speak fluent Spanish confidently, without feeling tongue-tied, clumsy, and with barely any mistakes!

That sounds better already, doesn’t it? This is exactly why we’re here today.

How You’re Finally Going to Master Spanish

So here’s my goal for you today:

I want to show you, regardless of your past experiences, a 4-step methodology that allows you to chat away in Spanish confidently, in ANY situation life could throw at you… without getting a “fossilized brain”, without translating in your head and without having to memorize word lists and grammar rules.

Now, imagine that for a second. If that were possible, would you like to be able to use that 4-step methodology yourself to learn Spanish?

Maybe a better question: is that even possible at all?

Yes of course it is! 

How do I know?

Well… we developed that alternative way!  And used it with tens of thousands of students already, with great success

Like Beth, who studies Spanish with us and describes it as the “missing link”: 

Or Mina, who found out about the method and says finally something “that makes absolute and perfect sense for learning to speak a language, short of going to live in the country yourself”

In fact, if you stay with us for a moment you’ll learn some Spanish on the spot, with this method…

And immediately after, you’ll be able to use it in conversations and it will roll off the tongue so you can impress your conversation partner!

Now, we’ve dedicated the past couple of years of our lives developing, testing, tweaking and optimizing this methodology.

Co-founder Lukas has even written an Amazon bestselling book about it…

That’s also what Lukas’ talk at the Langfest, the largest language conference in North-America, was about.

Conversation Based Chunking Conference
Presenting at Langfest, the biggest language conference in North-America

Gabriel, too, talked about the foundations of this method at the Polyglot Gathering, one of the biggest language events in the world that he also co-organized:

Gabriel presenting at the Polyglot Gathering

And now we’ve made the most advanced implementation ever of the method here at Spring Spanish.

Apart from that 4-step methodology, here’s what you’re also going do discover on today’s training:

  • The neurolinguistic trick no school or app ever teaches, that turns your brain into a “Spanish pattern recognition machine” and makes fluent sentences roll off the tongue without even thinking about grammar… effectively cutting the time to learn Spanish in half. (That sounds good, doesn’t it? And it’s for real. There’s research and case studies) 
  • An ingenious way to memorize Spanish (and anything in life) on autopilot, even if you feel like you can’t even remember your own name… and that only takes 5-10 minutes a day (memorizing on autopilot, would you like that,? this is actually a favorite of our students (SHOW SCREENSHOT)
  • The type of Spanish materials you should avoid if you want to speak Spanish like a native, and the ONLY type of material that really help you understand and speak natural Spanish.

Before You Read On… Some Disclaimers

Now, as you move forward with the four-step methodology that I’m going to teach you today, there might still be some obstacles that get in the way of your success.

Here’s the first and most important one: believing in yourself.

Because why should you consider this as an opportunity to finally speak fluent Spanish?

I mean, you’ve tried things before, right?

Or maybe you’ve tried nothing before.

Regardless, you’re not speaking Spanish yet at a level you’re satisfied with.

And you may be wondering if you can do or not do what I’m about to share with you today.

Maybe you think:

  • “I’m too old for really speaking fluent Spanish already”
  • Or “My memory is so bad, I can’t even remember what the back of my hand looks like”.
  • Or “I’ve been bad at languages my whole life”.

Now, despite all that, of course your concerns are valid because what you really want to know is this:

Will this time be different? Will you finally get the solution you’ve been looking for all this time and speak fluent Spanish?

I believe you WILL find that solution today, and as we go through the training today, I’m going to show you how this new, step-by-step methodology seems to work for all different people from all different backgrounds, many learning different languages.

Each and every one with their own unique set of challenges they bring to the table.

And there’s hope to speak a foreign language fluently for EVERYONE.

Like Cat, who came to a workshop I did on the same topic as today’s training a while ago and says:

That’s what I want for you: shift what’s been holding you back and give you a renewed sense of excitement and hope!

So, look for that and it should help you see that you, in fact, can do this. It’s really straightforward.

And yes, at various points on the road to speaking fluent Spanish you’re going to be scared and self-conscious. Scared of change, scared of making mistakes. Of course!

I would be worried about you if you weren’t scared. Everyone is! But here’s my real question to you: Have you ever done anything that you were initially scared to do, and then it was easier than you anticipated, and it was more fun?

What would your life be like if you didn’t do it just because you were scared?

Driving a car the first time is scary. Diving in a pool and swimming for the first time is scary Talking to strangers the first time is scary, (and even the second and the third time), let alone in a foreign language. 

But you do it anyway.

And you start noticing small (and big) changes. And then it goes from scary to less scary, to not scary at all, to normal, and very often, to being fun. And that’s what’s going to happen today as well as you start taking your Spanish studies seriously.

So… Are you ready?

So that’s what I’m going to do for you today: show you step-by-step how to finally chat away in Spanish, without fear, in ANY situation life can possibly throw at you.

BUT here’s what I need YOU to do for me. There’s nothing that saddens me more than someone coming across a great idea that can really help them, and then squandering it.

So I want you to commit today that once you read or hear something today that has promise, that will help you speak better Spanish, that you make a mental note to yourself, not just that you’re going to use it, but WHEN you’re going to start doing it.

I want it to be specific: you commit to something you discover today and that you can start doing tomorrow, or even TODAY, and that will lead to you speaking better Spanish immediately. Can you do that for me, yes or no?

Awesome. I need you to be in that “yes I can do it” mindset today.

¿Listo? Are you ready? Then click the button to read on…

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